About Dartlife

Welcome to Dartslife.com

If you’re like us, you love darts. The idea for dartslife came with a lot of passion for the sport and a little more than normal curiosity for the game and exploring what other peers are doing with the game. We always play it so it is fun. Along our journey of exploration online, we found info at varying degrees in websites that was a bit confusing for a darts enthusiast to skim and digest. That’s why the idea for dartslife came and here you are, reading this website. This came into existence because of our passion and to serve other passionate peers look into the game, get valuable insights, and to help you make wise decisions when investing into the game.

Yes! No matter if you are an expert or a beginner, our articles are there to make sure you get the best info out there available to you, so that it is fun, as well as valuable to you.

Whether you want to know what a good dartboard to buy is, or you’re just curious about How to play, and the materials being used to make darts and their specs, we have you covered.


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