Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard set by Arachnid is an best electronic dartboard that come with a target area of 13.5”. The Dartboard features 34 games with 183 variations!

The game option make playing with your friends and acquaintances unlimited fun. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking to entertain your guests with unlimited fun.To learn more about how to play darts better, check out this article How to throw dart

Soft tip darts

This is a Mid-level Dartboard that is a steal at this price for an electronic dartboard cabinet set. Of course, it comes with soft tip darts that are safe for your walls because these are plastic darts. This is in comparison to steel-tipped darts that put a hole every time you throw stray darts that do not follow the parabolic travel curve that you destined for it to travel and lands outside the target area.

Soft tip darts are also a safer option if you’re playing in an area where it is busy and people pass by all too often. Steel tip darts can cause harm to people, and that is the reason normal bristle dartboards have to be placed in a corner of your home or game room where people are not expected to pass by while you’re playing. 

The Arachnid cricket maxx 1.0 electronic dartboard cabinet set comes with two sets of soft tip darts. In total you get six soft tip darts along with extra tips with this electronic board.

There are different regulations and rules for steel tip darts and soft tip darts. This article shares the regulations of playing the game of darts https://dartlife.net/how-far-do-you-stand-from-a-dart-board/ 

Up to eight players at a time

 We call this a mid-level electronic dartboard because it has many functions that a basic model of electronic dartboard does not have. You can play it solo with its solo feature and practice your game. If you’re playing together, you can have loads of fun, because up to eight players can play at a time with the Arachnid cricket maxx 1.0. 

We bet you’re going to have lots of fun with this dartboard against many other electronic dart boards available in the market.

More about the fun part in a bit.


The Arachnid cricket maxx 1.0 electronic dartboard cabinet set can be placed on the wall pretty easily with mounting hardware. The assembly required is less and you can start playing as soon as within the hour of unboxing it!

Let’s look at some features of its interior.

Display scoreboard

Starting from the interior, it has a large X/O cricket scoreboard on its large door, and four LCDs to show results clearly from afar. This is along with an easy-to-use and well-thought-out ergonomic control panel for easy access and setting.

 The large back-lit scoreboard display is at par with any other product in its category and is something that will be appreciated by you and your guests alike. It allows up to 8 people to easily play with it. 


Built-in dart holders

The inside area of the door also has built-in dart holders to hold the soft tip darts that come in sets of two with it, three in red and three in black.


Nostalgic aesthetics of the scoreboard

The scoreboard of this electronic dartboard will actually give you the experience of playing darts in a proper game room or rec room.

We’re sure the looks of this display of the cricket maxx 1.0 will make you forget you are playing darts in your basement.



The exterior of this Bullshooter CricketMaxx 1.0 electronic dartboard is something that makes this dartboard an adorable piece that every art lover will want to own! 

Cabinet exterior

The Cricket Maxx 1.0 electronic dartboard cabinet set features a cabinet that has a wooden door exterior with a beautiful walnut finish which makes it the perfect fit for almost all game rooms.



The wooden doors of the 1.0 electronic dartboard cabinet with the walnut finish give a traditional touch to them which gives it beauty while protecting the dartboard inside from all the dust and dirt that carries with the air to the target area in an open dartboard set.

What that means for you is that you’ll require very little maintenance on your part.


Protection of the electronic dartboard and its accessories

No more cleaning of the dartboard and darts from the dust that air carries after every few matches. Just make sure that you carefully close the wooden doors after you’ve finished playing and you’ll be good to go. 

The exterior of the Cricket Maxx 1.0 electronic dartboard cabinet set has all the details in it to make a great addition to any rec room or man cave.

Target area and bounce-outs

Electronic dartboards are known for their bounce-outs. Bounce out is a failure of the target area to hold the dart when it hits the surface of the darts. It can be pretty frustrating for a lot of players as electronic dartboard starts to bounce off darts, you need to collect darts again from the floor and get ready for the next round. In the case of many players, it can become even more of a hassle. العاب قمار مجانا


Plastic and soft-tipped darts are known for bounce-outs against steel tip darts that usually do not have bounce-outs.

Luckily, Arachnid 1.0 electronic dartboard cabinet solves these issues to a big extent. Not only does its target area feature a sturdy and durable nylon surface, but it also has micro-thin segment dividers that reduce bounce-out rate. No more frustrating times collecting darts from the floor!

The ultra-thin spider web of a target area gives the ball shooter cricket Maxx 1.0 electronic dart board a personality and aesthetic feel as well.

Interested in knowing what are the different materials being used to make dart boards all over the world? Check  out this article that talks about these comprehensively Dartboard made of


Playing alone? No worries!

Solo play option

Don’t have friends around to compete with you? Or just want to practice your game further in solo mode so you can compete with pro players later? Among many features of the Cricket Maxx, 1.0 is the solo play feature. Push that solo button and start playing against the computer. You can set the level of skill to compete with as well, so imagine playing with a friend who is a pro at throwing darts, set their level of skill into the computer, and start practicing! 1xbet arabic

Heckler feature

The model comes with a Heckler button as well which is not common for a lot of electronic dart boards. The heckler applauds good scores and makes fun when you throw a bad shot. 

When you turn the heckler button on, that is where the fun part starts. It’ll mock you and your friends whenever they make a bad shot, and those comments will make you laugh hard, making the game fun for everyone! This electronic dart board starts with the heckler mode and gives everyone a good laugh for themselves!

Note that some players have complained about the sound of the heckler, that it could have been louder. We believe that the sound tone was well thought out by the company. Since the Dartboard cabinet set will be installed in the game room or a common area, you wouldn’t want people who are indulged into other activities be distracted by the sound of the heckler. 

Turn the sound on and let the heckler mode mock a few of your friend’s shots. We think you’ll be amused!

Not in the mood for it?! No problem. Just turn the heckler option off and it’ll keep itself silent.

Game variations

Arachnid cricket Maxx 1.0 electronic dartboard cabinet set comes with 34 games and 183 variations. That means that in case you get bored, there are plenty of other games that you may choose from. Everyone sticks to a few games only, as has been our observation. And although this model of electronic dartboard with cabinet has fewer games and variations compared to other peers, they are enough to keep you and your guests entertained.

Score calculation


  • Stylish exterior with wooden walnut finish which will look great in any room Large LCD displays for easy reading of the score from afar Two large Back lit Cricket Scoreboards add to the electronic dart board persona in any environment. Six soft tip darts come along with it in sets of three red and three black colored darts along with extra tips. 34 games and 183 variations Solo play feature for practice and whenever you’re bored and alone 13.5” target area is big enough for any game room. The wooden doors are open wide while you’re playing, making sure that the wall around the dartboard set is not damaged by a misguided shot Optional function of Heckler sound effects that pass positive comments on good shots and mock on bad shots 90-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • The sound could have been louder to hear clearly in a crowded space with lots of people playing


The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Eelctronic Dartboard cabinet set by Arachnid is no doubt one of the best options available in the market in the mid-level category. It has aesthetically all the features to be displayed in any games room and all the functionalities to be played by up to 8 players at a time.

The Large display scoreboard of four displays and 2 large cricket scoreboards makes it even more attractive as well for dart enthusiasts. The Optional Heckler makes it fun playing with friends because of the funny comments it passed on bad shots.

Since this is an electronic dartboard with soft tip darts with plastic tips, you can let children play with it and get inspired too! The soft tip darts make it safer and encourages children to play and score all while having some fun, while you can enjoy some quality family time playing darts with this dartboard.

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