Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard Review

If you’re looking for a dartboard that becomes the center piece of your game room, you are definitely looking for something like the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650. We say this with full confidence because of a few different reasons.

If you don’t know much about Arachnid, it is a very old and known name when it comes to electronic dartboards. They have been making dartboards for more than 40 years, and continue to be one of  the best options available for Electronic as well as basic dartboards. They have made their name selling dartboards and you’ll find the end product speaking for the quality and class.

The first impressions

Arachnid Cricket pro 650 definitely has a very strong first impression when you look at it. It has its own personality which comes from its freestanding cabinet design beneath the dartboard target area.

The color is a dark brown one with dark textures which is kind of a universal one that goes with every setting and room color. However, we’d like to have a few different variations in the color scheme of the cabinet. The freestanding cabinet gives it a lot of utility. There are three racks inside it to organize and keep stuff stored.

Target area

The target of the Cricket pro 650 model is the regulation size of 15.5”. Being the standard size for tournaments and other official competitions, you can use it to polish your game by practicing on it the tournament way.

Game variations

Including 5 different cricket games and 24 games with 132 choices, the 650 model has more than enough game variations for the bulk majority of people. You can’t really play all the games, but if you wish to, you have 132 settings to go through ☺ Most people do find their favorite three or four games and stick to them.

Space Utility

You don’t need a ton of space to place the 650, and its cabinet can be used to store other stuff from your game room as well. Because of the cabinet’s sleek and storage capacity, you’ll be eliminating the need of another cabinet to store your game room’s stuff.

To store the dartboard accessories it has one cool feature besides the cabinet shelves that blew our mind. This is a thoughtful little storage area inside the lid of the dartboard that has enough space to store darts and anything else besides darts that you’ll use to play. Makes a lot of sense right?


Dimensions and weight

The whole unit measures 12.5 x 23.5 x 85 inches and weighs 75 pounds to be exact. Given the size of this Electronic dartboard which includes the storage area, the weight is pretty good in our opinion. Also, note that the target area is regulation size, so it makes it perfect for solo practice as well.

Display of scoreboard

The LED display of the Cricket pro 650 can keep scores of up to 8 players. The party is always on with the 650 model, since you can call many friends over for a dart throwing competition.

Dividers and bounce outs in the target area

Electronic dartboards are infamous for their bounce outs. To solve this problem, the Arachnid 650 has been cleverly designed with Micro thin segments that feature as the antidote to bounce outs.  The micro thin segmentation along the whole target area means your dart will be caught and not slip. The target area is made of nylon material which makes it strong and reliable. This dartboard is definitely made to be irrepressible to the hardest of throws. You can expect it to keep performing for years to come. 

The set comes with 6 soft-tip darts with extra tips is case you damage a few.

Voice Prompt

The voice prompt feature is a cool one. It calls the person whose turn it is to throw the dart. No need to remember whose turn it is and read on the scoreboard by second. You can keep having fun while the dartboard’s microchip computer will do the work for you. It’ll track each player’s score and let you know your performance.

One really cool feature that will help you get better at your game is the average point per dart reading. It helps tremendously when you’re practicing solo. It’ll let you know your points at the end of each round, so you can focus on getting your game better instead of doing all the calculations after each round.

Handicapping feature

There is a chance you play with an unranked player. In that case, don’t let anything come in the way! Have fun by activating the handicap mode and play with them. The default averaging feature will do all the calculations for you. You can really have a good time and competition with them and improve oyur game along the way.


Assemble the board and start playing!

As with any good dartboard, the Arachnid dartboards come with a manual and mounting hardware to assemble your freestanding electronic dartboard cabinet set. Also included is an AC adapter. 

Assemble according to instructions provided, plug in the AC adapter and start playing!

  • SThe whole package includes Free standing cabinet design for extra storage for accessories and other game room stuff, and extra storage space behind the lid as well.
  • Dark brown color of the Cricket pro 650 set with cabinet is ideal for being placed in any room.
  • Provided Target area of 15.5” regulation size dartboards which makes it perfect for practice and tournament style play at home.
  • Game variations include 5 different cricket games and 24 dart games with 132 variations
  • Compact size and suitable for placement almost anywhere in your game room
  • Supports up to 8 players at a time with display of scoreboard for all.
  • Target area made of nylon makes it tough, and is designed to be used for years.
  • Micro-thin segments on the target area ensures minimal bounce outs, a common problem with electronic dartboards.
  • Voice prompt feature through its micro-chip computer calls the player whose turn it is to play the shots.
  • Dart averaging feature by the micro-chip computer keeps your performance noted after every round and lets you know
  • Lesser game variations, albeit lesser by a small percentage only.


Overall an excellent choice in dartboards if you’re looking for just fun-play or some serious tournament style play as well. The target area design slashes the bounce out and slips and the cabinet gives a whole storage area for accessories and other stuff. The electronic features of voice prompt are there to keep your game organized.