Top 10 Best electronic dart board in 2022 Review and Buying guide
electronic dart board review

Best electronic dartboard in 2022

When we think about darts, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the thrill or the joy and the competitiveness we feel when we’re playing the dart game with our friends or family at a gathering or a get-together party of old friends.

I remember the days at school when our PT teacher would sometimes bring out the Dartboard as a new fun activity for us when we were done playing football; this is a game that would always cheer us up no matter how terrible the football game was. 

We had those magnetic darts that, when thrown too vigorously, would fall off or the bristle boards with the sharp pointed steel tip darts that punctured the Dartboard so much that it wouldn’t be beneficial after a few games, which brings us to the electronic dart boards. 

They are durable, accurate, and, most of all, provide lots of fun for your friends and family alike. A few highlights of electronic dart boards that make them, so fun are as follows:

  • No need for calculation of the score
  • Fast paced due to no lack for writing down the score
  • Made from durable plastic that’ll last a long time
  • Some models will applaud you for a good throw and make fun of a bad one(works best with friends)
  • Some models will call players when their turn comes
  • There are a wide variety of games to choose from, from the basic 01’s. You can also play cricket games on some models.
  • With a regulation size board that is electronic, you can train in the solo mode for a tournament.

It is safe to say that the investment into an exemplary electronic dart board is worth the money you spend on it.

You’ll have loads of fun, and it’ll be an investment that your family will enjoy in their pastime. It is a plus if you even train with it and up your skill level.

   Here we’ll look at the best electronic dart boards out there you can find in the electronic dartboard market. 

1-Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Known to be sturdy and durable, Arachnid is one of the top electronic dart boards makers out there and known for its class and craftsmanship ever since electronic dart boards have been around and come into popularity that puts them above its competitors.

Its Arachnid cricket pro 800 is made of high-quality, durable materials and features that are an excellent choice for beginners because its micro-thin segment dividers reduce bounce-outs and so much more. It achieves low bounce out because of its micro-thin segment dividers.

The Arachnid cricket pro 800 electronic dart board weighs around 10 pounds and has 35 games that come with it pre-installed and seven difficulty levels for dart games.

Beginners can learn to play with ease of difficulty level, and pros can increase the level of difficulty as they go.

The micro thin segment dividers reduce the chances of darts dropping when you throw them, which is a huge positive point because you’re not constantly going over to pick up the darts and having to throw them over and over again to make just one shot.

Also, the board features a built-in scoreboard that gives you live scores, so you don’t have to keep checking or marking your scores or worry about forgetting them.

One of the features we loved about this Dart board was the heckler sound effects which played automatically when someone hits a high score on the board, and It cheers up the vibe of playing the game.

  • Includes all the necessary accessories
  • Low bounce outs
  • It was surprisingly quiet when you hit it
  • Fewer games than some competitors

Overall, this Dartboard is relatively impressive and the best electronic dart board you can find out there and comes with all the necessary accessories.

2- Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electronic Dartboard

Much like the Arachnid cricket pro 800, the arachnid cricket pro 900 electronic dartboard is impressive, durable, and has the perfect balance between performance and innovation. It’s a dart Enthusiasts dream come true.

The Arachnid cricket pro 900 adds extra features to make the experience even better and impressive in many ways.


Like the arachnid 800, the arachnid cricket Pro 900 comes with an automatic digital scoreboard that lets you play for as long as you want without worrying about keeping up with the scoreboard.

The LED screen on this electronic board is visible from 8 feet apart to be seen clearly.
When you get it out of the box, you’ll feel the premium materials it is made from, and it is somewhat more value for the money you invest into it.

Isn’t that the only thing that makes you buy something? This Arachnid model is your value for money deal.

The dartboard target has a diameter area of 15.5″, much like the Arachnid 800. Also, the board features a whopping 48 games to ensure you don’t get bored against the Arachnid 800 model that only features 39.

The heckler sound effects are a feature included in this model that will improve your experience; the machine produces funny sound effects when you make a terrible throw, and it’s rather amusing every time.

Although electronic dart boards are known for their bounce outs, the arachnid 900 electronic dartboard does an excellent job, and its micro thin segment dividers reduce bounce outs significantly.

These soft tip darts stick to the target area relatively quickly, as it comes with a plastic strip, and the board has a square capture technology that holds the soft tipped darts well, preventing a fallout.

  • Square hole technology
  • Low bounce outs
  • Led screen
  • More games than the previous model
  • More expensive than the competitors


This is a perfect electronic dart board for dart enthusiasts who want the most out of dart boards.

3- Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Looking for an electronic dartboard made of high-quality materials unique from the traditional electronic dartboard, this model from GLD will suit you right to the end.

It comes with several features that lend it a deserved spot on this list. An illuminated dart board induces arcade-style boards and makes your playing experience feel nostalgic.


The Board comes with 48 different games with 300 modes and can be played with 8 friends or family members. The design is traditional like other Viper models, and it comes with a 15.5″ target area and a large catch ring.

It comes in a relatively lightweight and durable design, and you’ll have fun playing with it whether you are a beginner or a professional. This Dart board is easy to set up and install in under 15 minutes. The thin and sturdy nylon surface on the board will make sure the board will last you a very long time and prevent bounce outs while playing,

 The main attraction of this board comes down to the LED light installed below that gives off an excellent result and enhances the experience further.

The LCD screen on the electronic dartBoard displays a live score for easy tracking and is big enough to be visible from the target throwing distance and beyond.


  • Easy to mount
  • Prevents bounce outs
  • attractive design
  • LCD for clear visibility
  • Hard to break-in
  • Better soft tip darts could have been used


This is an average electronic Dart board. To begin with, if you’re not looking for something too expensive or fancy and just feel like playing now and then as a hobby or distract you from a bit of boredom, then the Viper Ion Electronic dartboard might be the one for you.


 This is another regular sized and one of the best electronic dart boards available in the market; the Viper Neptune comes with a 15.5-inch target spider board.

It is a complete package with an electronic darts cabinet featuring closing cabinet doors that look nice and blend in with the decor of your place; Whether you were intent on hanging it in the game room or a more general lounge or living space, it has the same very slim spider and catchment holes that help lower the risk of bounce outs, meaning darts can be grouped on the board more easily for higher scores.


It has a very slim spider that helps lower the risk of bounce outs, meaning darts can be grouped on the electronic Dart boards more easily for high scores.

The board features an impressive 57 games with 307 different options or modes to choose from and can accommodate 16 players at a time.

The board comes with a cabinet, the necessary mounting hardware, the AC-power adaptor for power supply, and six soft tip darts and proper storage to store them in the cupboard, in both doors on the inside to make it look clean professional.

  • 307 games
  • Accommodates 16 players
  • Well constructed cabinet
  • Low bounce outs
  • A little tricky to navigate through the controls and settings


All in all, if you’re looking for an advanced model to fire away darts at, whether it’s a way of chasing boredom or frustration away or for some friendly competition among family and friends, this electronic board model would be an ideal choice.


 This electronic dartBoard is considerably cheaper than the ones we’ve mentioned here so far.

The board comes in the same standard 15.5″ size face that will suit layers of all levels, but the lesser amount of games you get with it comes with the lower price.


This Franklin Sports dart board is another model in our list of electronic soft tip dartboards that comes with 28 games in total and with more than 100 options and modes combined, so there’s still so much you can do with this Dartboard and not run out of games to play darts with and have fun with.

The LED screen keeps score, so you don’t have to, and there’s an ample amount of storage on the sides of the board to keep the soft tip darts, so you don’t ever lose them.

It is a worthy competitor for a cheap electronic dartboard for our list of the best electronic dartboards out there.

  • Competitive price
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy access to storage and handling
  • The screen is a little hard to read from afar on this model of dartboards


The screen is a little hard to read from afar on this model of dartboards

This is an excellent soft tip dartboard choice for the price, quality, and design that it provides and is most certainly of good value.

6-Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

The Viper 777 electronic dartboard is another model in our list of soft tip dartboards that comes at a meager price but still manages to squeeze in a lot of fun-filled games into the board.

It is a suitable dartboard with a low price point that does come at the cost of not having as many fancy features as other more expensive ones, so it should be kept in mind before buying the Viper 777 electronic dartboard.

Features: A tournament quality Dartboard that features 43 games with 320 modes in total, this electronic board can have eight players playing at a time.

The LCD screen featured in this board displays your score and does not need manual input to update your cricket games scores. It’s visible from the dart-throwing distance of about 7 to 8 feet.

This board is surprisingly bilingual for the low price that it comes with and adds Spanish to the voice feature.

You can listen to your score in both Spanish and English; it is a very compact and portable board that is easy to install and runs on AA batteries, so you can even put it in a place that does not have a plug for it to be turned on.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable and compact
  • Bilingual option for Spanish and English
  • Not very durable
  • Darts are somewhat heavy


 This is a somewhat cheap and economical dartboard that is suitable if you’re an amateur or beginner player and are looking for some neat features for a low price.


 Suppose you’re looking for a way to beat the sadness or boredom of being stuck inside the house because of a lockdown and want to bring the game hall. In that case, old fashioned and traditional boards feel like your home.

Whether it’s in your mantuary spare room or main socializing lounge area, you might want to consider the Win.

Max electronic dartboard cabinet. These dartboards feature an easy-to-use and read LED screen that is incredibly bright and provides you with accurate scoring and game statistics.


The WIN.MAX supports up to eight players at a time and comes with 27 different games and 195 different score settings, so you won’t run out of games to have fun playing.

The five different skill levels add an extra element of excitement to it. The extra thin spider and concave-shaped holes reduce bounce outs by a vast number.

For the less experienced players, there’s a different catch ring that provides additional space to prevent any damage to your walls in case you miss the spider when shooting the darts.

The cabinet’s construction is robust and provides enough room for the 12 soft tip darts and 40 additional tips that the board comes with.

  • High-quality construction
  • Wide variety of games
  • Excellent value
  • Lower bounce outs
  • Darts are of poor quality


 The WIN.MAX is an excellent choice for the average dartboard enthusiast. It provides all the necessary features and quality for its price and would be a great addition to any place.



If you’re looking to invest in a dartboard but don’t want to spend more than 100 bucks, then this affordable Dartboard from FRANKLIN SPORTS may be an ideal choice for you.

Despite the low price tag, it still features sleek LED and sound effects feature that you get from the more expensive and fancy boards that you find on the market,


The board comes with a 13.5″ size spider and features the sound effects where the machine plays the cheering sounds when you make a good shot or score a high point. It has a streamlined construction and does not take up much space in your room or office; it offers a whopping 90 game option, so you will have fun playing when you open the darts and get.

  • good quality for the price
  • 90 game choices
  • Large and clear LCD
  • Cabinet doors don't fully close when the darts are placed in the cabinet door.


  The FRANKLIN SPORTS FS3000 provides excellent value for money and does not put a hole in your pocket if you want to invest in a Dartboard but are low on budget; however, the low price does come with its downside of not having a big enough spider to throw the darts at. But overall, this board is still plenty of fun.  



Arguably ranked as one of the lowest-priced boards on our list, the FAT CAT SIRIUS is a treat for the whole family on a get-together night or the fun hangouts with your friends in your game room; despite the price, you still get a tournament-style spider and a 13″ target face.

  • Competitive pricing
  • 114 scoring options
  • Clear and easy to read LCD
  • Build quality could have been better


This is possibly one of the best low budget Dartboards out there for a beginner before you want to take it a step further and upgrade to a fancier model. However, it is still a good board that will provide lots of fun with the many features you get in other more high priced Dartboards.


 We’ve looked at so many different Dartboards that look more or less the same, and out of all the others mentioned above, this one has to be the most unique.

This will suit someone looking for that traditional bristle boards look and feel without compromising on electronic scoreboard technology and has that solid construction.


The DMI SPORTS DELUXE comes with a full-size 18″ bristle board and two sets of soft tip darts, which, when you’re not playing, you can simply stick the darts in the slots in the bottom of the cabinet.

The doors can then entirely be closed, and the Dartboard neatly hides in plain sight and doesn’t affect the room’s decor or office. The board has a built-in screen for scorekeeping for player convenience.

  • Full-size board
  • Outstanding quality and look
  • Two forms of scoring
  • Not an electronic dartboard because the only thing electronic is the scoreboard


This is one of the sleekest and beautifully designed dartboards that is an excellent addition to any wall in any room or office and is made of high-quality materials that will make this board last a lifetime.

It has enough good features to overlook its lack of electronic tech with automatic scoring.

This Dartboard will still be lots of fun to play darts with your friends and family alike no matter the occasion and will serve the purpose of a dartboard that any other electronic dartboard does.

Buying Guide of Electronic Dartboard

How to buy the suitable Dartboard for yourself

 If you’ve spent a little time into the dart game and know a few pro players, you know that some would give a big no to an electronic dart board.

This is because they don’t give you the exact playing experience of the tournament style game serious dart players are accustomed to playing. They say original is original, and there is no substitute for that. 

That being said, bristle board and steel tip darts have some benefits too! They’re cheaper than electronic versions, so if you’re not sure if you want to invest a lot of money into the game, you may start with buying a regular dart board instead.

The regular dart boards are made of many different materials, and these are available in other qualities in the market. Go check out our article

 What is a dart board made of

wherewe have talked about the different materials a standard dart board is made of around the world and how you can choose which one meets your requirements and exact budget.

There are a few different materials the regular dart boards are made of, including:

Bristle boards: Regular dart boards have the best lifetime value and don’t get damaged easily. They are both used in severe play and tournaments, and recreational play.

  • Made of sisal fibre, they are durable due to their fibre properties, which make them last longer against constant piercing by steel tip darts because of their sturdiness.
  • Disposable paper coiled dart boards:
  • These are made by piling a lot of paper sheets together and twisting them. The article is the primary material used, and that is why these dart boards develop holes almost instantly when steel tip darts pierce their surface many times.
  • And need to be thrown away in a matter of a few games.
  • Electronic dartboards: These are what this article has comprehensively discussed and shed light on. The last decade has seen a lot of technological advancements in dart boards, and electronic ones are not behind.
  • These dart boards have lots and lots of games in them, and they usually auto calculate your score and populate it on an LCD.
  • They are safer to use as well. All have a small micro-chip computer installed and run on battery or socket power.

At the start of this article, we mentioned why you should get an electronic dartboard and why you should get one.

There are a few disadvantages of electronic dartboards as well. Keep them in mind before starting.

  • They require special soft tip darts to play with; you can’t just buy some random soft tip darts off any game store shelf.
  • Many Electronic dartboards have micro tin segment dividers that hold the dart on its surface, and it is an intricate surface. Thus the requirement for darts is also unique.
  • They usually will cost you more and be a significant investment for your pocket. This is due to the additional features, like the LCD and micro-chip computer, to process scores and display.
  • For pros, who are accustomed to bristle boards, the electronic dartboard experience is not very fulfilling.
  • The best electronic dartboards won’t fancy them. They like the barrel and the steel tip dart, and that is really what the essence of a dart board game in tournaments is.
  • It can’t be used for tournaments, though we did discuss how a regulation-sized electronic dartboard is just the thing you need for solo practice for a contest if you have one at home.


You should understand a few features before you buy an electric Dart board, and some are rather questions that you should ask before you invest in one.

The best electronic dartboard for you will be the answer to all your questions, and you will adjust yourself to it.


How many players will be playing at a time?

 One of the most common things about any dartboards you must have noticed is the number of players they all can accommodate at one time.

In contrast, some cheaper ones can accommodate six players at a time. The more expensive ones can go up to 16 players.

Suppose you’re just an average dart enthusiast and just want to own a dartboard to play with a few friends or family on the weekends.

In that case, the six-player Dartboard is the one to go for. Still, suppose you’re the party-goer who has lots of events or get-togethers that involve a whole crowd of friends and family who love get throwing some darts. In that case, you might want to consider investing in a more high-quality Dartboard mentioned above like the VIPER NEPTUNE.

In a case where you want to play solo, there are cheaper models out there who have a smaller display, so you can easily play with a friend or two, and they accommodate up to four different players.

  The quality of the board

There are so many Dartboards out there that you can buy for next to nothing. Some are high priced for construction cost and quality, but the price tag is not always the best indicator of built quality and construction.

Some of the low priced ones can be the best electronic dartboard you buy. They can be very sturdy and made out of rigid materials and last you long.

That’s why it is always better to check for customer reviews and analysis of these great boards.

 How much do you fancy Dartboards?

This should be one of the most important questions you ask yourself because if you’re not too particularly into darts, then you should probably not invest in an expensive tournament-style electronic dartboard.

Instead, the best dart board for you has all the essential features you want in a dartboard and can still have plenty of fun.

Feature: Size 

The size of a dart board makes all the difference for a pro player. The tournament board is 18″ in diameter, and many electronic dartboards will be 15.5″ in diameter.

That is enough for many players and play at home style activity and is the international size for the diameter of a soft tip dart board.

Power Source

All electronic dartboard sets rely on a power supply source. This can be an essential factor in deciding where to mount it. The power supply for some comes with batteries as well.

Others run on AC supply, and an AC adopter comes with these. The best dart board for you has both batteries and an AC supply.

If you’re buying AC powered dartboard, make sure the adopter is there in the package as well.

LCD score display

This is an electric dart board’s most essential and fancy features. See the features and check that what you’re buying has sufficient scores being shown at once.

Although up to eight players can play at once, the display that includes at least 4 player scores is the best electronic dart board, in our opinion.

There are products and models available in the market that will display 2 scores at a time, but you have to see if it feels comfortable for you when you’re playing with more than 2 friends at a time. These smaller display models are usually priced lower as well.


Electronic dartboards range from anywhere between $35 to $500. Although $500 is a lot for an electronic dartboard, we found that the sweet spot for most people is between $150-200 ranges.

This is where you can get almost all the features of an excellent electronic dartboard without going out of budget. 

Sound effects

A few features are available in some models, such as the heckler features we mentioned in the Arachnid models.

These Heckler sound effects applaud you for a good throw and make funny sound effects on a bad throw. This feature is entertaining for some players, and others see it as a distraction as well.

Anyhow, if you can turn it off, it is usually not a big deal, given that you get maximum utility of the model’s other excellent features.

Pre-loaded games

Most of these electronic dartboards come with many pre-loaded games and variations. There are difficulty levels you can choose from if you are looking to play as an amateur player or a pro. 

Some of these game models come with 30 and others with 50 games. That, along with variations, can amount to almost 200 variations which is a lot of games you can play.

These many games also make sure you never get bored as well. And for some models, you could even upload new games with the app installed on your phone. 

For example, you could choose from single in/single out and double in/double out for a 301 and 501 darts game.

Having so many variations to choose from, and trying all, could be overwhelming, though.

Try to select a dart board with the games you look forward to playing, as you may not play more than the few you like. Also, models with more fun can be more expensive as well.


Once you get your hands on it, you want to just mount it and give it your first try. Dart boards are a fun game; you don’t want to spoil the fun by investing hours into installing one.

Therefore, you should check reviews specifically for the installation part.


Whether an electronic or a standard dart board, a warranty is something that gives you peace of mind. Electronic products usually have an issue with that regard, and even the best electronic dart board may also have problems. Many more prominent companies provide a warranty.

Besides, if you’re getting a cheaper model at a steal, you should consider a guarantee if you’re going for an electronic soft tip dartboard.


  There are plenty of Dartboards out there to choose from, and I think by now you must have realized that yourself, but we’ve covered some of the best electronics Dartboards out there. 

We recommend the Arachnid Cricket pro 800 as we feel that it is the best electronic dart board in the market. 

I hope we’ve covered all you need to know about what should be in the best electronic dart board for yourself. 

Whether you’re just a beginner, an amateur, or a professional, but in the end, whichever you fancy the most, it is essential to make the best of it because after all that matters the most is that you have fun while playing darts and make the most out of your leisure time with it.

An excellent electronic dart board will become the centre point of your rec room or man cave where you can escape to after a week load of work and have a good time playing darts with.