Best Dart board Cabinets with lights

Not many dart boards that you see available have got lights!
If you are a darts enthusiast and a pro player, you must have had an idea how important is it to have a well illuminated target area.

In-game rooms and man caves where daylight and natural lighting are not sufficient, especially in rooms situated in the basement, the role of illumination on an excellent darts game is significant! It lets you see all the grooves, in case you’re aiming for a triple 20!

Although very important, there are fewer products out there up for grab with their lighting system to complement insufficient lighting in any room.

In this article, we have compiled a few products that we believe have a sound lighting system installed in them, eliminating the need for you to illuminate the whole room to look at the target area!
If you face such a lighting problem, this article is for you.

1. Barrington 40″ Dartboard Cabinet With Led Lights


This Barrington product is the ultimate game room beauty! A perfectly finished Dartboard cabinet is the best choice of a dartboard for your living room, game room, or man cave because of the elegant texture of wood.

The color scheme matches with a lot of room color schemes so that you don’t have to worry about where to place this Dartboard at.

Features: The Dartboard cabinet set comes with a self-healing bristle dartboard, which is of very high quality, thus low maintenance.

No need to replace the target area every once in a while. It also features a staple-free bulls-eye.

The built-in LED lights improve the target area’s visibility by a lot and give the Dartboard a premium tournament-style feel.

The Barrington 40″ dartboard also comes with an elegant black scoreboard. These scoreboards are a piece of attraction for every traditional and pro player who looks for the exact feel of originality of dart games.

These scoreboards are easy to wipe and thus come in handy for any cricket game lover out there. The scoreboard is complemented with a marker and eraser for ease of use.

Accessories Include Six steel tip darts and flights. The lights are powered through 4 AA batteries that are not included in the product and must be purchased separately.

The elegant wood color theme is suitable for every room. It matches the color schemes of modern spaces.

Comes with mounting hardware and accessories.


  • Professional looking LED lighting Wooden texture suited for all rooms Regulation sized board Fits every room because of low depth Quality steel tip darts and flights
  • Powered by four AA batteries that need to be replaced often


 With all the necessary features of a bristle dartboard, the added LED light effect, and fantastic and modern wooden texture, this Barrington dartboard with a lighted cabinet fits every modern room. If you’re looking to add this piece to your home, we recommend that you keep an extra few AA batteries with it.

2 DMI Sports Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Sets

Made in the US, this is a high-quality Dartboard cabinet set with an LED lighting feature. The LED lighting gives this Dartboard a premium feel and is suitable for all purposes if you are looking to play with all regulatory standards in place.



The DMI bristle dartboard cabinet set has a high-quality, self-healing bristle dartboard. The board target area itself will require lesser maintenance on your part. 

The most important feature is the built-in LED lights hovering over the target area to give you perfect visibility and lighting experience, which resembles a tournament-style darts game.

About 20 individual LED lights to provide you with a premium experience.

 The cabinet doors give it an ideal finishing touch. Precisely, the grey color with grainy texture fits any color scheme set ups in homes, game rooms, and man caves with its rustic look.

It comes with Six steel tip darts with the USA flag. Of course, the Dartboard has dart holders on each door so that you can store your darts with style.

The dartboard cabinet set comes with a 30-day warranty as well, in case you get delivered with a broken accessory or the product itself.


  • The high built, quality cabinet doors Wooden texture is elegant and pleasing. Fits almost all room color schemes Sufficient lights to make the target area visible and add to the experience Great price
  • Batteries to be replaced often if you play regularly


Made in the US, this is a good choice for people looking for a quality dartboard that has lights for proper target visibility.

The outer build has a texture that feels like home. It will fit almost all color schemes of game rooms and living areas.

The price is reasonable as well. IT can become an ultimate game room masterpiece if you are a dart love

3. Thornton Premium Quality Bristle Dartboard, Cabinet, Scoreboard, LED Lights

This Thornton Dartboard set includes premium quality, tournament-sized bristle board and a dark wooden cabinet.
The Cabinet comes with built-in led spotlights and dry-erasable scoreboards on both sides. The set also includes a set of steel-tip darts.



Thornton Premium Dartboard set features a self-healing, high-quality Dartboard, which not only feels premium but will last longer.

The board measures 18′, official tournament-sized. The full-size Cabinet is made of high-quality dark stained wood, languishing an ultra-premium look that gives the room an ideal finishing touch.

The traditional darts are good and can be used for intense competitive games but need to be replaced after a few games. There are dart holders in the Thornton Premium Dartboard cabinet, right below the erasable scoreboards for both darts throwing competitors, on either cabinet door. افضل موقع مراهنات كرة القدم

Its shadow buster led lights add a perfect spotlight to the Dartboard for excellent visibility and bring out the Dartboard’s colors, with that black backdrop running across the Cabinet. Like usual dartboard cabinets, there are no doors, always open to dart throws.

  • High-Quality Sisal Fiber. Full Tournament Sized Perfect shadow buster led lights.
  • No doors like most cabinets. Darts could have been better.


For the price of this Dartboard set, this is one of the best dartboard cabinets you’ll find. The self-healing, high-quality sisal dartboard included in this price is a great bargain.

Moreover, the Cabinet is made of high-quality wood, and a dark stain wood finish would make a great wall decoration for any room in one’s home.

With those perfectly placed LED lights, one barely needs to turn on the lights in the room.

This Thornton premium dartboard set is a conscious purchase that adds sophistication and grace to your walls.

The above are our top picks for Dartboard Cabinets with lights.Suppose you already have a dartboard, and you’re looking to add some light to the bristle dartboard to give it a tournament-style look and increase your visibility for more precise shots.

In that case, you must look into Surrounds and additional LED lighting options that can add to the features of your Dartboard you already have at home.

For that, we have listed below a few dart lights that you can add to your Dartboard for ultimate fun.

1. Target darts corona vision Dartboard lighting system

Target darts’ innovative corona lighting system is an additional accessory that you can add directly to your Dartboard.


 This lighting system is 360 degrees, including a crown-shaped lighting system that ensures no shadows in your Dartboard. This product is easily compatible with all dartboard cabinet sets and provides smooth play. The corona-shaped lighting system has 123 LED lights installed, giving maximum lighting and a no-shadow guarantee.

Comes with a 12-month warranty to give you extra peace of mind.

American users of the product have complained about the adapter not being compliant with the standards of the USA since the product originates from the US. Be sure to ask for an adapter compatible with your country’s specifications. ربح مال حقيقي من النت

Rest assured, the installation is easy, and you can plug and play!

  • Easy to Install 123 lights guarantee no-shadow 12-month warranty Very lightweight
  • US customers have complained about its non-compliance with their electric specs Could have an option of different light color as well

2. Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated Dartboard Surround

The Unicorn solar flare Illuminated dartboard surround is another great accessory to add to your Dartboard to give you a great playing experience.


Features: This surround can easily fit into any dartboard you plan on playing with. 

 The good thing is that the anti-glare lights protect your eyes from hurting due to the harsh LED lights. These lighting systems usually break looks, and Unicorn has balanced the light and anti-glare with it. The soft lighting is suitable for your eyes. 

 The only problem a customer can encounter is that the metal ring(on which the LEDs have been mounted) may damage the darts that become stray and hit it.

Rest assured, it is sturdy, and a stray dart won’t damage an LED light.

  • Sturdy material that won't get damaged easily Anti-glare soft lights are friendly for the eyes Sufficient lighting Easy install We recommend it as a gift to be given to your loved one if they are into darts
  • For the simple product, we found the price a bit too expensive.


 Except for the price tag, which felt a bit too high and not value for money, this is a piece of lighting that we like a lot. You can install it with any dartboard you already have and let the fun start.

Gift it to a dart lover, and they’ll love its functionality. It adds to the personality of an older dartboard.


People who are into playing darts want to become a pro, also need to get the whole environment in their game room set up optimally for success. This includes investing in a suitable Dartboard, matching accessories, and a proper lighting system.

Overall we have observed that the lighting part is ignored in the initial installation, whether installing a wall-mounted cabinet or a freestanding dartboard. When practicing darts, if you can aim directly at the doubles or triple section, it is a vital skill that can significantly improve your chance of winning. Lighting plays a significant role in your practice, and if you have your dartboards placed in an area that does not have ample daylight or lights mounted over them, the fun is significantly spoiled.

If you have this issue, you must consider a lighting system or a dartboard cabinet with an in-built lighting system installed.