How far do you stand from a dart board? | Important Facts Need to Know
How far do you stand from a dart board

how far do you stand from a dart board in meters

Did you know that the regulation distance between you and the dartboard when you’re playing the dart game has been set up and written in the rule books of the Official dart game organizations almost a century ago??

Yes! The dartboard game, as informal as it may look like, has its own set of worldwide regulations including how far do you stand from a dart board while aiming for that bull’s eye!

Want your friends to be amazed by your dart game skills the next time you are at a get-together and the dart game is on?! You might want to learn all the tips and tricks, and of course the rules of the game so that you can practice the dart game properly and play it with your friends like a pro the next time you all meet up!

There are lots of modes and scores in the dart game itself, and if you get to know all of them and practice, we are sure that your game will become more exciting and fun, and you’ll look for times to indulge into playing professional dart games, which requires skill and is fun when you know its ins and outs.

A brief History of Darts

old dart

Darts have been known to be played as a military past time since long before you would’ve imagined. Yes, it was 14th Century when soldiers in England used to throw darts as a pastime fun game. It was not how we play darts today, instead it was played with spearheads and other sharp objects they could get their hands on. The board they aimed the sharp objects at was earlier upturned wine casks and later the circle shaped cross sections of tree trunks. It is said that the tree trunk’s cross section which had sort of rings, was the first draft of the modern game that we play today.

The modern version of the darts game though, was invented in 1896, and we all have Brian Gamlin to thank for that, who was a carpenter from Lancashire. The number and scoring system that we see today is attributed to him. This complex scoring system has allowed the game to become competitive and known for the needs of body mechanics and skills to really excel at it. 

To appreciate the wisdom and genius behind the game, you must understand the numbering technique on the ring and the thought process behind it and you’ll be amazed!

In 1924 history was made, and why shouldn’t it have been! In that year, the very popular game of dart saw its first Organization of the dart games being established in England. 

The materials used to make the dart equipment evolved too! For the dartboard, cork and sisal usage was started replacing pig hair. The game was extremely popular all over the England by 1930. What fueled its popularity much more was the Second World War, when soldiers were given the dart game kit to play for fun!

Today the game enjoys attention as thousands are members of national associations worldwide in many countries, while local and national professional dart games championships are organized by these organizations to promote the game and let the professional game players show their skills and talent! The game is as much a functional sport as any other game, with professional darts players and even world Championships!

Now that you know a whole lot about darts and how the game evolved to where it stands today, we hope that you’ll appreciate the dart game for its glory and the incredible thought process behind it.

Let’s dive into the mechanics and rules and regulations of the Dart game! Read our detailed article how to throw dart  to get the in-depth know-how of how to throw the perfect shots of darts!

Choosing the Right space first

Choosing the Right space first

While most of you are starting out to practice the game, we understand that the best place to do so is your own home. Selecting the right space in your house to place the dartboard as the target and throwing distance are the two things that you should be careful of throughout.

While you may not be obliged to play by the official rules of the game, you may want to set your dartboard at the official height and mark the official throwing distance as well in order to play darts by the rules of the game, even when playing alone or just having fun with friends playing. This will make sure you practice in the right environment with the actual rules and regulations in place, even if it is your basement, and make you a better player as a whole!

While selecting the space, bear in mind that you need to beware of the dangers of the dart. Darts are pointy objects which can cause harm to others passing by, so select a place where preferably no one passes by on a normal day.

You are looking at a place where normally no one sits, and there’s no furniture as well, along with ample throwing distance to the target. Choosing such a corner is your best solution to the space constraint and dangers of the sharp darts you plan to throw and practice your game.

Check out the best Dartboard with cabinet sets that you can place in your game room to give your room an eye-catching look so try this dartboard with cabinet

Darts are fun; Plan accordingly

throw darts

 Darts have the attraction of friends, family and kids alike! When you set up that fun corner in your basement or a corner of your house, make sure you’re leaving enough space for the fun to happen as well, if you can, of course. If you have extra space, you can plan it out in such a way that a few members of your clan can become spectators and cheer the players up, while being in a safe place too.

How far do you stand from a dart board?

Since you’re playing game of darts in your house or private space, it might occur that the space isn’t conveniently long for the official dart playing area to be setup. In that scenario, you can shorten the space. Beware though, when you throw darts in the official setup, your game might get worse.

There are a few rules that you must follow if you really mean to play the game the way it is set up by the governing bodies of the game. 

Made the space decision? It is time to place that dart board exactly where it is meant to be set up!

We will start with the height:

dart throw height

The regulation dartboard height at which the dartboard needs to be set up is of utmost importance in the game. Get a measuring tape and note the dartboard measurements standard height.

The official height at which the dart boards must be hung is 5 feet 8 inches which converted into meters comes at 1.73 meters (173 cm) from the ground. These dartboard measurements do not vary whether you’re playing with steel tip, plastic darts or soft darts. The very important point to make sure you note here is that the 5 feet 8 inches height is not measured from the ground to the bottom of the dart board.

The height should be till the center of the bull’s eye of the dart board instead. Get some help in this regard and let somebody hold the dartboard for you until you measure this exact height from the floor to the bullseye. 

The important question: How far do I stand from the dartboard

how far dart board stand

Once done with the height part of the game, you need to mark the exact dart throwing distance from where you will be standing in front of the board to throw darts. This spot, which you will mark as the throwing line, is called Oche. Once the throwing line is marked, it will make sure that you’re following the standard dartboard distance to the player. This will give no player an unfair advantage, as all the players will be standing behind the regulation throwing line in front of the board, marked by the Oche.

Although the height of dart board for steel tipped darts and plastic tipped darts is the same, the throwing distance isn’t. For steel tip darts, the dartboard face distance is 7 feet, 9 and a ¼ inches, which is 2.37 meters or 237 cm.

For plastic tip and soft tip darts, the dartboard face distance should be an exact 8 feet.

It is very important to note here that the above distance mentioned is not measured from the wall to the throwing line. Measure the thickness of your dartboard, and add that thickness to the final measurement when you create the surface marking for the Oche.

One more way to get the perfect dart board measurements standard, although I’d say it could get difficult at home, is to measure the distance from the center of the bull’s eye of the dartboard to the standard oche marking. This will be diagonal distance to the ground and by official regulations it is regulated at a standard measurement of 9 feet, 7 and 3/8 inches or 2.98 meters (298 cm)

Mark the Oche and get ready for the fun to Begin!


Even if you’re playing with friends, you must mark this throwing line in the throwing area, and make it prominent. This line by all means is followed in an official match, but don’t sweat at it when you’re having fun with friends coming over and playing, and someone goes above the throwing line.

Usually, in official settings, the Oche is taken very seriously, since you are not allowed to cross over it, even if it is just the torso or your arm. By the definition of the official rules of dart, it would be considered illegal and foul. This is because crossing the oche when releasing the dart from your hands will give you an unfair advantage over your competitor. 

For this reason, in competition settings, a piece of wood is usually placed at the oche marking. This thin piece of wood can be 1 inches to 1 and ½ inches thick and acts as a prominent line not to crossed and checked every time you throw the dart to its target. The Standard oche is 2 inches thick in official settings.

For your home space, you may not need the wood stick though. You can easily mark the oche by just using a duct tape. 

Placing a dart guard

dart guard

Whether you’re playing in casual darts environments or practicing for a local or national event, the best place to practice is actually your own home. Form the comfort of your own place, you can practice at any given time you set for yourself, and even call a buddy up for some practice and fun.

Playing darts at home should be fun, but it must not damage your property. Placing a dart wall guard or wall protector behind the dartboard will make sure you’re playing safely, because metal darts can easily damage your wall with a missed shot. Metal darts are hard and sharp, and will leave marks on the paint or damage the wood in case of a wooden wall if you don’t place the wall protector.

Some common FAQs

How far are you supposed to stand from a Dartboard?

The right distance between the front surface of the dart board and the toe line should be no less than 7 feet and 9 ¼ inches.

Can you lean over the line in game of darts?

No. If your foot extends over the throw line, or oche as it is called, it will be considered a foul and all three darts you throw in that round will not count.

How do you aim better at throwing darts as a newbie while following the official dart throwing distance markings and the Oche?

Know your stronger hand and eye pair because hand and eye coordination is everything when playing darts. Place the dart at the eye level and swing your hand when aiming, using your elbow movement. It is important to tilt the dart a little upwards when aiming a throw. Then aim at your target.

What is the length of a throw in darts?

The diagonal distance from the bullseye on the dartboard to the Oche back should be 2.98 meters or 298 cm. The throw standard distance when measured parallel to the ground and from the center of the bullseye should be 7 feet, and 9 ¼ inches.

Where should you stand on the Oche?

Behind the oche line is where the player is supposed to stand when aiming for the throw.

What is the difference between Soft tip and steel tip darts?

Soft tip and steel tip darts are the same. The only difference is that the soft tip darts are made of plastic and steel tip dart tips are made of steel. Plastic or sotf tip darts are usually used to play in electronic dartboards 

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