The 10 Best magnetic dart boards- unlimited fun with an affordable price tag
best magnetic dart board

10 Best magnetic dart boards

Magnetic dart boards are a fun alternative to traditional dart games that provide the fun and thrill of a regular dartboard while living up to the excitement of playing a cricket game on a conventional dartboard design.

Magnetic dart boards can be an excellent option for a family with kids that love to play and get throwing darts and are on a tight budget. Magnetic darts can be a great source of entertainment and are a great way of improving hand-to-eye movement and improving math skills.

Also, the magnetic ones are safer than the standard steel sharp-tipped darts ones if you have small children in the house.

The magnetic dart board game has recently become popular quickly because of more time spent inside because of lockdowns. Still, these prove to be a fun-filled activity on any regular day as well.

Why you should consider buying a magnetic dartboard for your home!

If you are a dart enthusiast and want your kids to learn and have fun along the way, magnetic dartboards are for you. They won’t hurt the kids and give them the family time they want, plus you’ll have fun playing with the magnetic dartboards with them. 

Note that these dartboards and the rules to play are not the same as you would have for a regulation dartboard. For example, the oche mark for regulation dartboards is at around 7 feet and above, while the distance is just 5 feet for the magnetic dartboards. If you try to stand afar, chances are the dart won’t stick as it should. 

One more thing to consider is the flight path or parabolic curve of the Dartboard. The direction in the air that the magnetic darts take is very different from that of a standard steel-tipped dart.

These differences are being mentioned here to let you know that if you want to compete for regulation level tournaments, you should train with the regular dartboards and accessories.

How to find the magnetic Dartboard that suits your home and children

Since magnetic dartboards are so popular, finding a good-quality board that is durable and affordable while still having all the necessary accessories and providing lots of fun can be challenging and hard to find. That’s why we’ve created a buyer’s guide in which we’ll look at some of the best magnetic dartboards you can find out there for you and your loved ones. 

kids play darts

1- Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board

This lightweight, highly durable, and portable dart board is designed to handle plenty of wear and tear. This Dartboard is explicitly intended for the kids but is perfect for the family for any occasion or to take with you on vacation. The neodymium magnets on the darts are the exact type of soft tip darts that you’re looking for.

These neodymium magnet tips are crack-resistant as well. They are the most magnetic solid darts for boards because they stick to the boards like glue, so you don’t worry about them slipping off too quickly. The board itself measures 16″ inches in diameter and comes with six darts.

Installation of this Dartboard is relatively easy as well. Just use the bracketing system and hang the Dartboard on the wall. No need to make holes in the wall.

It is easy to mount, easy to play, requires fewer repairs, and is durable as it will be used by kids, who generally like to tear things off in their discovery mode.

This Dartboard is excellent for people who are just starting and kids alike due to the simplicity of the Dartboard.

  • comes with 6 sets of darts
  • designed for kids and family alike
  • neodymium magnets for accurate shots and low bounce out
  • very durable and portable
  • low price
  • Easy to mount with the bracketing system
  • not designed for severe or professional players
  • The magnetic tips do get a week with frequent use


This is a fun dartboard for kids and family alike, though it is not made for serious players who want to practice for an upcoming competition. Highly recommended for all looking to improve their sensitivity and coordination. It’s a durable, portable, and reasonably priced magnetic dart board specifically designed to cater to young kids but is also fun to play with friends and family.

2-Giggle N Go Reversible Magnetic Dart Board For Kids 

Made with strong neodymium magnets, this magnetic Dartboard is one of the best magnetic dart boards you’ll find on the market these days. It is around a magnetic dartboard, and as you can tell by the name, it is also reversible for more effortless target practice.

The board uses neodymium magnets, some of the most robust and most durable attractions available. With that, you get more accurate results when you throw the darts. This can further improve your dart throwing skills.

The magnetic Dartboard comes with two sets of Three darts, which is not much, so it might be best to add a couple more darts to your order when buying this magnetic Dartboard online so that there is plenty to go around.

Unlike the accurate darts from the traditional dart board that are sharp steel tipped, these darts have a soft tip that prevents any accidental hurt to kids or damage to your walls when playing.

These games are a great way to entertain kids and a fun way to tune up their hand-eye coordination and maths skills. Kids aged 5 and above can easily play and have loads of fun with this magnetic Dartboard.

The dart board comes with a 100 percent guarantee. This means if you’re not completely satisfied with the product, then Giggle N Go will take it for a full refund.


Size: diameter: 16 inches
number of darts: 6

  • double sided board
  • Durable and built with solid materials
  • strong neodymium magnets
  • refundable 100%
  • Darts could be of better quality


Giggle N GO is worthy on our list of top best magnetic Dartboard because of how it lives up to its reputation and quality for having one of the best features you can find in a magnetic dartboard

3-Esjay 18 inch Magnetic Dart Board Set review

Want to get the experience of a tournament game while playing with magnetic darts? Esjay is a good choice of a magnetic dartboard that will amuse kids and be a recreational buddy and pastime for them!

The 18” target area is identical to the standard regulation dartboards.

The safety that comes with a magnetic dartboard along with the regulation size target area makes it the perfect choice for adults and children alike.

The Esjay 18 inch magnetic Dartboard set comes in regular packaging, but is a bit heavier due to its regulation size. The weight when packed is 4 lbs.

The Esjay dartboard comes with 12 darts, which is higher than what many other companies offer. That means you can accommodate a lot more players with this dartboard in place at a picnic or family get-together.

The bonus is the reverse area of this dartboard which comes with a different scoring area for different games when you get bored from the dart game.

We feel that durability of this dartboard is a question though ,since the target area is covered with paper, and any water spill over or rain will destroy its look and feel. 

However, it is perfect for indoor usage

  • Additional darts (12 darts in package)
  • Regulation sized dartboard
  • Easy to mount
  • Reversible for more games
  • Strong magent
  • Paper surface could deteriorate with contact of water

4-Rabosky Magnetic Dart Board

This Dartboard is another excellent addition to the list of our best magnetic dartboards.

This one is designed for kids aged six and up. The board is made of thick, durable material and comes with twelve darts with two 6 piece sets of a different color.

This is a roll the board that is highly portable and can be stored anywhere with the minimal amount of space needed, and you can bring it along with you to a relative’s house or just pop it in the car when you’re on your way to a friend or family member.

We adore the fact that this Dartboard is reversible. One side has the regular dart game, and the other has a target bullseye game. That way you’re not bored easily

The Dartboard has an 11.6-inch diameter, and the dimensions when hung are 18.1X16.6 inches.

  • neodymium magnetic darts
  • durable
  • highly portable
  • two sides for plenty of games
  • low price
  • the darts tend to fall off the surface of the board


this is a magnetic dart board that comes with a money-back guarantee which is a huge plus point for many people who might not like the design of this board or are unsatisfied with it.

The board does have a high bounce out rate because of its foldable surface, which lacks the magnetic surface area on some parts of the board and makes the darts fall off and can be frustrating to play with.

in any case, this should not be much of a problem for the kids or adults who are just starting to learn how to throw the darts.

This is an excellent buy for homes that don’t have much space to hang a magnetic dartboard permanently.


5-Toysmith Magnetic Dart Board

The fifth-place takes the toysmith magnetic dartboard, which is another excellent choice for any household with young kids or teenagers to entertain them indoors or outdoors alike.

Plus, this Dartboard has a keyhole hook to hang just out anywhere you want. It is perfectly suitable for kids 6 and beyond.
The board looks super realistic with its high-quality finish and design, like it’s made out of cork and gives it a retro look.

The magnetic darts are strong enough to hold and stick to the board when you throw them. The darts themselves look very realistic.

You might want to check twice to make sure the darts are included in the package as some buyers reported that the darts were missing, and it may be a good idea to buy extra darts because some users said them to be of not so good quality.

This is an 11.5″ magnetic dart board mainly for kids ages five and above. And you may not like the fact that the size is too small for you to play with if you’re an adult, but it is still a great addition if your kids want to put it in their bedroom or even if you’re going to hang it it in an office.

  • easy to mount
  • Nice retro look
  • small size is perfect for kids
  • smaller in size than expected
  • darts might be missing
  • Magnetic darts may need replacement
  • Complains of noise as the dart hits the board


Overall, this is an excellent dartboard to buy for your kids without spending too much money on it. There are a few complaints with this Dartboard, like the noise that comes when the dart hits the board and other things such as dart breakage, but you may want to choose this Dartboard if you’re just looking for fun.

6-Power Your Fun Magnetic Dartboard for Kids

 This is another popular roll-up style magnetic dartboard that is perfect if you want something portable and neat, complete with an alien style theme on one side and the traditional style dart board theme on the other.

This is a lightweight and durable double sided magnetic dartboard that you can hang easily anywhere you like on any wall around the house without worrying about where to keep it.

You can just pull it out of the cupboard or storage and place it on the wall and roll it up when you’re done playing.


The board comes with six durable magnetic darts, and a two sided theme to flip over and play whichever game you prefer. There are 3 sets of 2 pair darts in a different color, and there is a rope-like string attached on the top can be used to hang the board anywhere in the house or any wall.

  • rolled up portable
  • two sided
  • six magnetic darts
  • Not suitable for older children or adults


this is a perfect entry-level magnetic dart board for your kids to start throwing and learn how to throw darts, its perfect for bringing along on vacation or to an outdoor gathering where you have your kids with you to give them an activity to play be occupied with.

7-BETTER LINE Magnetic Dartboard Set

This is another excellent addition to our list of one of the best magnetic dart boards you can find in the market right now.

The board comes with everything you might need to get started to play the game. It includes a printable instruction manual that tells you all about the different games you can play on the magnetic dart boards.

It gives you an idea of where the best place would be to hang the magnetic Dartboard and the best standing distance from the board so you can enjoy your time playing as much as possible.

The board is straightforward to handle and comes with storage to be kept safely and neatly when you’re not playing it. Also, hanging it is no hassle as the hook given on the top side of the board is easy to mount on any screw nail or pillar wall.

The board is safe for kids of age 6 and above and fun to play with, even for adults. The darts provided are of good quality and stick to the board well.

  • keyhole slot for hanging
  • 365 days return policy
  • box for storing neatly
  • instruction sheet
  • surface dented easily
  • the magnets on the darts fell apart after a few times usage


Although this is overall an excellent investment as a fun activity for your kids, you might want to consider buying some different good quality magnetic darts because some users reported that these fell apart after being used a few times.

8-Funsparks Magnetic Dartboard

This magnetic board comes with a set of 12 soft tipped magnetic darts that are safe to use for kids.

they are designed to stick to the board quickly with the solid and durable magnets that these darts come with, preventing sliding from the board.

The magnetic board itself is also very durable and easy to install on any wall or hook, with the easy mount design allowing you to assemble and mount the board in just about five minutes.

This magnetic dart board is a perfect design for all skill levels and can be used to practice or brush up on your dart throwing skills.

  • set of twelve good quality darts
  • durable
  • easy to install
  • perfect for players of all ages
  • the small 14" playing dart board surface might be an issue for adult players


The board is an excellent choice for players of all ages and skill levels, the strong magnets on the darts ensure the magnetic darts won’t fall off the board or bounce out upon throwing and hitting the board.

This magnetic dart board is durable, lightweight, and highly portable, and affordable for a family on a tight budget and wants a cheap magnetic dart board that can handle rough wear and tears usage by their kids.

9-Yalis Premium Magnetic Dart Board Set

Another great choice in the category of roll-up best magnetic dart board out there. This is an ideal design for you to take to a park or a hangout with friends for a barb queue; this has enough great features to accommodate both kids and adults alike.


The board measures 11.5″, while the whole roll-up banner measures 17″ x 15″ in size.

The board’s small size is more suited for the kids but is nonetheless fun for people of all skills and ages.

The board features two game options on both sides of the board, each side of the board is visible in any light because of their bright colored stripes on the board, which makes it easier to make the shots and hit the target, the magnetic board easily rolls up and can be carried with almost no effort wherever you go, a simple string given on the top end of the roll makes it easier to hook it, hang it on a wall or a doorknob, and you’re good to go.

The magnetic darts themselves are reasonable enough and stick to the board quickly, but sometimes they tend to fall off.

  • easy to transport and store with the roll-up design
  • made of high-quality materials
  • easy to hang anywhere
  • dual sided reversible for more games
  • Bold and bright colors that are easy to see
  • darts were reported to fall off sometimes.


For the price that it comes with, this is a pretty good magnetic dart board, but you might want to keep the high bounce-out rate in mind before buying one of these. It is not too noticeable or annoying, but it does happen sometimes but does provide lots of fun to play with your friends and family.

10-Squad Hero Magnetic Dartboard heading

Last but not the least, the squad Hero, Magnetic Dart board, is one of the most fun-filled Magnetic boards out there that’s perfect for any occasion or any gathering or a room, be it an office, kids playing room, a man cave, or a living room, this magnetic board is most certainly a good choice for anyone looking to have an excellent time with friends and family.

The board comes in with six Glow dark magnets with a board that measures fourteen -inches.

This light up magnetic dart board complete with Glow in the dark darts adds a whole lot of excitement when playing with your friends or family and is, of course, great for players of all ages and skills.

The board itself can be recharged by a USB cable or be powered up by AAA batteries

  • Glows in the dark
  • Portable
  • LED powered
  • Affordable
  • takes a long time to charge (3 Hours)
  • The small size might not suit tournament-worthy games and serious players.


The uniqueness of this Magnetic dart board allows you to have fun even when the lights are out with its Glow in the dark darts and board. The board can be recharged via a USB cable.

The charge time may seem lengthy, but the charge does last up to 5 hours, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries when playing and having a fun hangout.

Buyer’s guide: How to select the best magnetic dartboards

Who is a magnetic dartboard suitable for?

Magnetic dartboards are a go-to for adults and kids alike because of their highly affordable price points and ease of use.

They are also safe to use because of their blunt tips compared to the steel-tipped bristle darts.Since they do not have sharp tips, they are most likely not to cause any damage to your walls and can be hung anywhere.

All of the above characteristics of a magnetic dartboard are there in any kit that you will buy.

However, adults must buy the bigger-sized dart boards, leading to more fun. These dart boards are great for adults because they have the same classic design, 20-score numbered equal parts and a bull’s eye.

Boards that are at least 16″ wide are the best for this.Since kids tend to stand close to the dart board, they can also play with the smaller-sized dartboards.

We recommend dart boards that can roll up easily are double-sided, and have the size dimensions that match your requirements.

A few critical factors that you should consider before buying these dartboards are following:


Although magnetic dartboards do not follow the regulation size, we recommend that you play with dart boards having at least sixteen inches of diameter.

This will make your game very close to being realistic. Kids can play with smaller-sized ones as well.


dart board material

These Magnetic boards are usually made of thick metal sheets such as velvet that is will cover the metal base.

On top of that are the metal and rubber layers. Most Magnetic dartboards feature a portable and lightweight design to facilitate easy storage and transport, and this is also where the size of a board comes in.

Many Magnetic boards these days feature sizes as small as 10 or 11″ inches in diameter but, these are only meant for kids under the age of ten. However, the small 11″ inches design can be enjoyable for people of all ages.

The most standard size for these Magnetic boards is the 16″ design that makes it easier for the older adult player to hit the target and is better suited to their dart-throwing abilities.


dart board design

Magnetic Dartboards come in various designs and options, the Hang-up, Roll up ones are two-sided and can be hung almost anywhere, and you’re good to go.

Although they are usually the most affordable, they are not always suitable for serious dart players.

Hang up ones are much better in this regard because of the keyhole or hook design and better materials it is built with that decrease the drop out rate


magnitic dart boards

When it comes to darts, the Neodymium magnets are by far the best magnetic darts you can find that not only stick better and confirm accurate target hits but also last very long, so making sure that whichever Dartboard you buy, always get the neodymium magnets darts to go with to get the most out of playing with the magnetic Dartboards.

Number of darts included

Since you’re going to be playing with kids or kids playing with each other, it is vital to have many darts because kids don’t like to share their darts with anyone.

The Rabosky Magnetic Dartboard comes with 12 darts, the most number of darts in the list we reviewed above.

If you’re ordering another brand, it is recommended that you buy an extra set or two.

Ease of installation

Because most magnetic dartboards are lightweight, they can easily install and move alike. No worries if your wall can or cannot bear the weight.

A keyhole has been provided with any standard product that you can slide a nail into easily.


Magnetic dartboards are usually very affordable. There is no one price range, but products are available that can fit any budget.

Any extra costs that you may incur are only the extra darts to order or a hook to hang them, but that is all.


A few of the above magnetic dartboards we discussed come with a warranty, but most don’t. Some companies do offer a replacement in case of a broken product received.

Other than that, we didn’t see much on the warranty part. It is crucial to keep in mind that these products tend to have wear and tear, and you should consider giving a warranty a look before buying.


Overall, we like the Giggle N Go reversible magnetic dartboard. Comes with a 100% refund warranty and has one of the best magnetic darts that do not bounce off the surface.

The magnet used is of high quality. You may order extra darts if the ones coming with them are insufficient for you.

They are also reversible, which means you can easily play without getting bored.

The 100% satisfaction guarantee makes it an attractive buy, with all the characteristics that you’re looking for in a standard magnetic dartboard.

Secondly, the Marky Sparky Doink it darts can be an excellent addition to the game room or rec room as well. We like the unique retro design and faux cracks, which give it its unique personality.

The Marky sparky is 16″ in diameter, too, making it playable for adults.