Top 10 Best Stand up electronic Dart board for 2022 Review
Stand up electronic Dart boards

stand up electronic dart board

The game of darts is not as simple as it may look from the outside. It is a whole world on its own, and the product variations available on dart games is tremendous.

There are so many variations available that it may overwhelm a buyer.

So, if you’re looking for an electronic dartboard game for your man cave, there are many options available in the market that you need to see and evaluate before you make your final pick!

A standing electronic dartboard: At your home, it’ll give you an exact environment of an arcade! These are known to be the most prominent accessory of any room when placed, and for people who like to show off their collections and love for darts, this might as well be the perfect addition overall!

These stand up electronic dartboards are tall and standing, with heights required by regulation-sized players.

Target area diameters of the Dartboard are precisely what you are looking for to play a professional game of darts.

This article will go over the 5 best stand up dart boards for your game room or man cave, or just about any other area of your house that it will be set up. 

A stand up electronic Dartboard can elevate the experience and looks of just any area you’re thinking of putting them and setting them into!

1. Arachnid Cricket pro 650 free standing Electronic dartboard


A lot has been written about this Dartboard earlier, and you can also read about this Dartboard in our article Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard Review.


Here is why this is one of the best options in freestanding dart boards available in the market: Regulation sized 15.5″ dartboard target area along with a beautiful finish on the wooden cabinets.

It is all electronic, with 24 games and 132 options, and 5 cricket games are in the 24 games which come with it.

This Arachnid free standing model Features an 8-player display score that everyone will like and micro-thin segment dividers on the target area to reduce bounce-outs.

The challenging nylon sections of this Dartboard ensure the durability of the Dartboard and will make sure you play for a long time.

Voice command features call the player whose turn it is to throw the darts: No more trying to remember whose turn of the round was it.

Want to sharpen your dart throwing skills? Get to the solo mode and start practising! There is nothing better than practising solo when you have time so you can wow your competition when you go on a game!

The Dartboard also has a player handicap option available.

The wooden cabinet is of good quality and has a well-finished electronic dartboard cabinet with plenty of space.So throw away all your game accessories into the cabinet when you’re overplaying, and don’t risk losing them.

Keep other stuff from your game room organized well into this electronic dartboard cabinet since you have so much storage space available.

There is some extra space available below the lid as well, in case you don’t want to bend down.

Overall the standup model of the Arachnid cricket Pro 650 is a very well thought out one!

This stands up electronic dartboard model of Arachnid comes with the electronic Dartboard, the dartboard cabinet with installation hardware, Six soft tip darts, extra tips, and an AC adapter included for power supply and an instructions manual as well!

When you assemble it, the height of the set comes at 84.5″, a 24″ width and 12.5″ in-depth

  • Good price
  • Easy to install
  • Regulation sized height and target area
  • Solo play option
  • Voice command
  • Micro thin segment dividers reduce bounce-outs
  • Multiplayer support, up to 8 players
  • 8 player scoreboard display
  • Includes cricket display
  • Ample of storage space for all accessories
  • Some people complain about lesser game variations available

2. Spider 360 2000 series Home commercial grade Dartboard

This is a standup Dartboard that feels amazing and looks fantastic simultaneously! Featuring a regulation-sized target area and LED lights makes it a stand out piece in any game room. It is a bit modern with the LCD that gives it an arcade vibe.


LCD of 19″ gives a very relaxed feel to this stand up Dartboard. The graphics are clear and crisp, and you can read from afar.

For many, this is an arcade-style electronic dartboard that is appealing to kids, but adults enjoy it a lot due to its tech and persona, which elevate its look.

The Spider 360 2000 series comes with 40 games to choose from, which is great for any electronic dartboard available in the market. 

The cool thing about the spider 360 2000 series is that it also features the online mode. The online mode lets you compare your score with your opponent’s by using the mobile app.

There is a solo play option available as well’ in which you can play against the computer and polish your dart throwing skills. Set the difficulty level, and bam, you’re ready to score!

The Spider 360 2000 series Home commercial-grade dartboard comes with two sets of darts and many extra tips along with them.

The dartboard measures 84″ height, 27″ Width, and 19″ depth when standing up. It weighs 130 pounds.

This is one of our top picks in the stand up electronic dartboard market. It comes with soft tip darts because it is an electronic dartboard.

  • Many game options are available
  • Sturdy and sleek design
  • LCD
  • Online mode to compare performances!
  • Solo mode and play against the computer mode
  • Regulation size
  • Given the added tech, this is a relatively expensive piece of Dartboard

3. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard cabinet

This Freestanding Dartboard has wooden built and can be an excellent addition to a game room or man cave!

This freestanding electronic Dartboard features a regulation-sized dartboard measuring 15.5″.

It has a target area that is mounted on a wooden cabinet. The wood dartboard cabinet is made of superior quality materials and has a dark texture that gives it a premium feel in any game room.



This freestanding solid wood dartboard with cabinet is an electronic masterpiece and features 29 games and 90 variations. The voice feature in this Dartboard calls the players on their turns.

There is ample storage space available in this freestanding electronic dartboard model. Specifically, two shelves come with it, which gives you plenty of space to store your accessories and game room stuff.

Your darts and other accessories won’t get lost with this dartboard cabinet feature. 

Freestanding leg support comes with this Dartboard, and the wood used in it is hardwood. This gives this CenterPoint model good stability.

There are built-in dart holders available with this electronic Dartboard to make sure you keep things organized.

The dimensions are 81″ in height, 24″ in width and 9.25″ in depth. It comes with mounting hardware.

You get a manufacturer’s warranty of 180 days, which ensures your peace of mind in case there is a defect at the said time. If such a case happens, you can claim your electronic dartboard cabinet set by the company pretty quickly.

  • An affordable model with cabinet set
  • Sturdy base for balance
  • Strong hardwood usage
  • Plenty of game option
  • Warranty
  • The texture varies from the original pictures

4. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard

We come again with the arachnid company as we love their products for their durability, lower bounce out rates and cool looks!

The Arachnid cricket pro 800 standing electronic dartboard could be another addition to your man cave, garage or living room. We’d not recommend garage for this model though (Its fairly expensive) This is a free standing electronic dartboard that is unique for its looks and is made to keep you occupied and amused for a very long time!


The Arachnid Cricket pro 800 standing electronic dartboard comes with a regulation sized 15.5” target area which is perfect for solo play and practice. The target area uses the authentic tournament colors which gives it a very appealing look.

The score display shows an 8 player score, which is awesome if you have friends coming over to play. This free standing version comes with a Mahogany finish, and its structure and cabinets are all made of wood which is long lasting. The electronic dartboard installed into the cabinet is Arachnid’s top product with micro thin segment dividers which capture the soft tip darts easily and reduce bounce outs, and a sturdy nylon finish. The six soft tip plastic darts come with extra tips and flights.

The main thing that excites us about its cabinet is its huge storage space which is ample for all your dart accessories and more. 

Also, important to mention is that this model of arachnid comes with 39 games, 7 of which are cricket games. It is an all –inclusive electronic dartboard games model which has game options for everyone. It will ensure you’re not bored!

It comes with mounting hardware as well.

  • Ample storage space
  • Micro thin segment dividers for lesser bounce outs
  • Good mahogany finish
  • Lots of game variations
  • Arcade style looks
  • Regulation-sized dartboard
  • Is fairly expensive investment


While this dartboard is not suitable for everybody’s budget and taste, it has all the features needed in a good stand up electronic dart board. It has many game variations, reduced bounce out rate, ample storage space, and a very pleasing look.

5. Sprawl stand up dartboard set(Not electronic)

This freestanding Dartboard, which comes with a stand, is probably one of the most affordable yet straightforward freestanding dartboards available in the market.

It is lightweight, thus can be moved quickly, and there is no need for mounting hardware with the Sprawl model.

Being lightweight and portable is the best thing about this freestanding Dartboard! Take it outside in your backyard for some fun-filled adventure dart throwing, or transport it with you for a friends’ day out!


The sprawl standing Dartboard features an adjustable stand that can be used to adjust the height of the dartboard stand, making it suitable for almost any room.

The freestanding frame is very stable and sturdy, which makes it an excellent portable dartboard choice.

Unlike the other options in this article, the Sprawl standing dartboard has a regular bristle dartboard target area.

It can be played with steel-tipped darts instead of soft tip darts that go with the electronic versions.

Bristle boards are known for their self-healing capabilities. Although the bristle dartboard is given, it is of a medium quality provided the budget and can be used to play for some time and may need to be replaced.

You may want to change to a better model after using this Dartboard since bristle boards deteriorate in performance over time.

  • Portable
  • Height adjustable
  • It can be carried along
  • Allows for practice anywhere
  • Good quality stable and sturdy stand
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not the best quality target area
  • The stand is light, despite being sturdy, and may wobble a bit on a strong throw


When looking to purchase a stand up electronic Dartboard, it is necessary to see what kind of a game you are looking to play.

While some freestanding dartboards give you the feature of portability and lightweight, others give you the perfect storage space and look.

If you have a higher budget, products like Spider 360 2000 series are also available for a full arcade-style darts game. 

When investing in a Freestanding electronic dartboard, ensure that you are getting the entire regulation size target area. This will help you practice your throws better!

Also, if you’re going for a wooden building, make sure you’re getting a texture that matches the overall theme of your game room or rec room.

Overall, a standard investment you make into an electronic dartboard with a cabinet set will be worth your while.

Look for electronic versions of the higher-priced models that have the solo mode in them and play against the computer option. This will help you sharpen your skills and make you pro if you make a habit of practising. 

We like the Arachnid cricket pro 650 standing electronic Dartboard for this matter in all the electronic dartboards that we reviewed while writing this article. It gives you the cricket game options and the regular 01’s as well.

Add that with an up to eight players display and voice command feature; you have a winner! An additional part of micro-thin segments will reduce the bounce outs by max and make the game indulging and enjoyable for you and your friends.