Top 10 Best dartboards with cabinet set in 2022 Review
best dartboard with cabinet

Best Dartboard with cabinet sets Review

Dart Board cabinets are an eye catcher in every game room!

They serve as a decorative piece while also housing your favourite dart board set and darts

Why dart board cabinets?

While dart boards with cabinets have been around for a while, many people do not understand their function. 

A cabinet set serves as a piece of storage for your extra gear and dart and a shield to materials in the outside environments and air. Of course, It serves as a centre point and shows as well.

What is a dartboard cabinet usually made of?

Dart board cabinets are made of a wooden/MDF cabinet put up on the wall. The dart board cabinets house a pro size 18’’ Sisal/Bristle dartboard.

This kind of Dartboard is different from ordinary dartboards since it heals itself over time, and after numerous throws, it looks fresh as new. 

Dartboard Cabinets are made not just for professional dart throwers who want to get even better at their game but also for casual players.

It not only provides a good activity during free time but also serves as a great decorative piece for your walls at home or office. Before buying a dartboard cabinet set, ensure that the Cabinet’s dimensions align with the space you have available on the wall.

The best Dartboard with Cabinet for you is one that will fit your game room/rec room perfectly!

The Dartboard is of a regulation tournament size and not just a random size. Random size would take the fun out of the game and ruin the game for the professional dart throwers.

What has been reviewed in this article?

We have specifically reviewed standard bristle dartboard sets in this article. Electronic dartboard cabinet sets are available in the market, and we like the Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard cabinet set.

Do check out that review if you’re interested in purchasing an electronic dartboard cabinet set for your home or game room.

1. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set


Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set is a premium grade dartboard cabinet with a Pro sized regulation Dartboard for intense dartboard competitions and casual weekend games.

The Cabinet is made from a premium grade pine veneer wood that adds a spotlight to your otherwise dull office room or makes another great addition to your man cave/game room. 

The 17.5inch Dartboard included is a pro size, self-healing board with a staple-free bull’s eye target, visually pleasing colours and enhanced board suppleness and endurance.

Easy to understand instructions manual, help assemble and hang the Cabinet at regulation height. 

Traditional accessories included in the set are 6 steel-tipped darts, flights, marker and mounting bracket. Everything is necessary for your first pro dart game after a hassle-free assembly.


The dartboard cabinet is Luxurious Pine Veneer Wood, giving it an exquisite finish. The Cabinet is designed remarkably, enhancing the aesthetics of the place it is put up in.

The set includes a tournament quality Pro Dartboard, allowing casual games and professional competitions. Board’s popping colours and the different backdrop are visually pleasing.

The board included in the set is a self-healing board that keeps it in pristine condition. It also has remarkable endurance and flexibility.

The Board and the Cabinet are illuminated by the LED lights fixed inside the Cabinet, adding a spotlight effect on the board. Keeping track of the scores is easy with the scoreboard inside the Cabinet. 

  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Aesthetically pleasing colour & design
  • Easy to understand instructions.
  • The robust case hangs on the wall firmly.
  • Great value for money.
  • Tournament quality board for regulated games.
  • Darts cabinet storage so that you don’t lose any darts
  • Dry Erase Marker is relatively non-erasable.
  • Impractical LED lights.
  • Darts included in the box are impractical for professional games.
  • Heavily Doused in Lacquer, emanating a pungent smell.


For all the dart game lovers and enthusiasts, The Barrington Bristle dartboard set is the product that looks premium and feels premium but does not put a heavy dent in your wallet. 

It ticks all the boxes for a Pro sized dart board and is one of the best dartboard cabinets available.

The easy to read manual allows installation of the dartboard cabinet in a mere few minutes. You can try your aim immediately after an easy installation with all the traditional accessories included.

This Dartboard set by Barrington is the best dartboard cabinet available because of the price vs value received.


2 Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle

Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard set is an entry-level dartboard set.

The set includes a slim matte black finish cabinet and a thin double-sided paper dartboard. It also includes accessories like two sets of starter darts and easy-to-install mounting hardware for the dartboard cabinet’s quick installation.


The Viper Hideaway Cabinet and Steel-Tip Dartboard set is for learners. This Viper Dartboard set has a sturdy basic design.

With magnetic door locks, it’s easier to keep the cabinet doors closed, keeping your darts safe.

Its slim design allows it to be installed anywhere on the wall without obstructing space any more space than it needs.

The attractive matte black finish makes it easier to complement any décor. The black backdrop acts as a chalkboard and helps manage scores for both players on either side. 

The reverse side of this Dartboard is the dart ball game. While not very famous due to the unavailability of the unique board surface, this one is a bonus and a good one, for that matter!

  • Door locks for Cabinet are magnetized.
  • Slim body cabinet.
  • Scoreboards on both sides of the Cabinet.
  • Slots for holding darts.
  • Dart ball game included.
  • Good value for money.
  • Basic & flat design.
  • Some boards might not fit in the slim Cabinet.
  • Sub-par Dartboard.
  • No Self-healing.


This Viper Dartboard set is a gem for beginners in this dartboard game. The design, material, quality of this dartboard cabinet is practical, keeping in mind its price tag. The magnetic door locks help keep the cabinets closed while keeping your darts safe for the next game.

It can take on your erroneous dart throws and still look fresh. After a good few sessions, the paper dartboard can be swapped for a new one, again at a meagre cost. 

The easy to install mounting hardware helps set the dartboard cabinet up in no time for your first game of darts. 

It ticks almost all boxes and is by far one of the best dartboard cabinets you’ll find in the market.

It is the best dartboard cabinet on our list that is paper replaceable.


3 Viper Stadium Cabinet Shot King Set 

The Viper Stadium cabinet set includes a Shot King sisal bristle dartboard and two sets of Steel-tip darts, and a dry erase scoreboard on both sides of the walnut finish cabinet. The Cabinet includes shadow buster lights and a throw line. 


This set features a beautifully designed cabinet in an exquisite walnut finish and a King sisal bristle dartboard. The Cabinet includes an 18’’ official sized sisal dartboard, which gives serious players the perfect training set up and casual players to enjoy.

The set also includes professional steel-tip darts that give a premium & a competitive feel. The cabinet doors have dry erase scoreboards on either side to track scores during a tournament.

The laser throw line helps the competitors throw darts an accurate distance from the Dartboard. The shadow buster lights in the set help illuminate the dartboard cabinet perfectly. 

  • Robust Quality Set
  • Shadow Buster Lights set
  • Dry erase scoreboard on either side.
  • Vintage Design.
  • Laser Toe line marker.
  • Professional Darts
  • Darts cabinet storage keep darts in one place and safe
  • Affordable
  • Cabinet weighs more than usual.


This dartboard cabinet by Viper, the Shot King, is a superior yet affordable dart board set. The high-quality MDF cabinet, premium steel tip darts, bristle board and laser throw line, make it one of the best dartboard cabinet products available.

Those who don’t want to spend extra bucks want a premium looking official tournament quality dartboard cabinet with all the essential superior feel accessories.

The weight of the cabinet set is a minor setback for this dartboard set, but its premium features altogether outshine this one minor disadvantage it comes with. 


4 Thornton Premium Quality Bristle Dartboard, Cabinet, Scoreboard, LED Lights

This Thornton Dartboard set includes premium quality, tournament sized bristle board and a dark wooden cabinet.

The Cabinet comes with built-in led spotlights and dry-erasable scoreboards on both sides. The set also includes a set of steel-tip darts. 


Thornton Premium Dartboard set features a self-healing, high-quality dartboard, which not only feels premium but will last longer.

The board measures 18’, official tournament sized. The full-size cabinet is made of high quality dark stained wood, languishing an ultra-premium look that makes it exquisitely stand out in your man cave/game room.

The traditional darts are good and can be used for intense competitive games but need to be replaced after a few games. There are dart holders in the Thornton Premium Dartboard cabinet, right below the erasable scoreboards for both darts throwing competitors, on either cabinet door.

Its shadow buster led lights to add a perfect spotlight to the Dartboard for excellent visibility and bring out the Dartboard’s colours, with that black backdrop running across the Cabinet. There are no doors like usual dartboard cabinets, always open to dart throws.

  • High Quality Sisal Fiber.
  • Full Tournament Sized
  • Perfect shadow buster led lights.
  • No doors like most cabinets.
  • Darts could have been better.


For the price of this Dartboard set, this is one of the best dartboard cabinets you’ll find. The self-healing, high-quality sisal dartboard included in this price is a great bargain.

Moreover, the Cabinet is made of high-quality wood, and a dark stain wood finish would make a great wall decoration for any room in one’s home.

With those perfectly placed LED lights, one barely needs to turn on the lights in the room. 

This Thornton premium dartboard set is a conscious purchase that adds sophistication and grace to your walls. 


5 East Point Sports Bristle Dartboard Set

This East Point Sports Dartboard set includes an easy-to-mounted Cabinet and a pro-sized 18” self-healing bristle dartboard.

The set includes six premium quality darts and chalk for writing up on the scoreboard.


This East Point Sports set features a sturdy looking cabinet, classic and nothing fancy. Inside, a self-healing bristle board looks as new as ever after every game. The Staple-free bulls-eye makes every shot count, with very low to no chances of darts falling off after a throw.

The popping colours of the board, especially the red backdrop, make it flashy yet very decent-looking Indy-vibe Dartboard.

The door mounted cricket chalkboard on either side of the Cabinet’s integrated wood doors and the chalk (included) help keep track of scores during your friendly matches or even pro-tournaments. 

  • Sturdy Quality Cabinet
  • Extra accessories included.
  • Sub-par self-healing.


For those who wish to own a dartboard that exudes a professional look and don’t want to spend a hefty amount on it, this East Point Sports Dartboard set is the answer.

Popping colours on the board and the Cabinet, keep your otherwise boring dart game more interesting. The Cabinet included in the set is sturdy and made out of good quality material.

After some time, one might have to replace the board for future intense tournament games, but the Cabinet is here to stay.

Hard-wearing, flashy and economical, this dartboard set is the ultimate package when spending carefully. 


6 Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet

Product description: This bundle by Viper includes a solid oak wood cabinet with long-lasting hinges with a different finish to choose from for both.

Accessories include six darts and dart storage inside the Cabinet and dry erase scoreboards on either side of the Cabinet.


This Viper Metropolitan set features a sleek, hardwood cabinet in multiple stain colours like Oak, Mahogany, Cinnamon and Espresso.

These finishes look premium and exude class of their own in the best dartboard cabinets. With custom options to choose from, like standard, deluxe, premium deluxe and elite, this Cabinet by Viper looks classier with every customizable upgrade.

The backdrop on this dartboard cabinet gives a premium space black look with a dark finish. The dry erase scoreboards are on either side, and our charts are perfectly placed.

The doors of the Cabinet is fitted with compact door-stoppers, keeping the cabinets protected from the doors slamming shut.

The Cabinet features a good amount of storage for all your necessary accessories for your dartboard set, more than what a usual flimsy cabinet comes with. 

  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Erasable scoreboard & out chart.
  • Handy Storage Compartment
  • Optional Dartboard


    The options this Viper Metropolitan Dartboard set allows you to choose from and the affordable price tag on top make this product stand out in the bunch. Handy storage space, premium feel steel-tip darts, and the dry erasable scoreboards along with the out charts, this dartboard set by Viper has hardly anything essential missing.

    The pain point this product by Viper focuses on is the choice of boards, colours and finishes of the Cabinet and the hinges on the Cabinet.

    This is a good dartboard cabinet for those who want to spend feasibly and not compromise on the choice of colour that goes in harmony with their walls.  


    7 Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center

    This Viper Hudson dartboard cabinet includes a compact wood mahogany cabinet with scoreboards on either side of the integrated wood doors.

    It also includes a tournament quality Pro sized dartboard. The Cabinet also includes storage space for darts. 

    Essential accessories only comprise six darts. 


    The Viper Hudson dartboard cabinet centre features a high-quality wooden cabinet in a mahogany finish.

    The sleek and sophisticated looking dartboard cabinet is a reminder of old-school bar dartboards. The Cabinet also features full-size scoreboards on either cabinet.

    The black drop also features a sleek space for the darts, set perfectly on either corner of the Dartboard.

    Sub-par quality darts are the only essential accessory included in this gracious looking dartboard set by Viper.


    • Tidy & Crisp looking Cabinet.
    • Solid Build Quality.
    • Pricey considering the darts included.
    • Common board.


    Viper’s affordable, durable, and sophisticated dartboard set outshines its competitors in every aspect. Decent playable darts and a high-quality dartboard, along with an elegant looking, robust cabinet, a beginner or a pro, you cannot go wrong with this. A dartboard set can be put up on any wall, regardless of its colour. 


    8 American Legend Charleston Solid Wood Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

    This American Legend Charleston dartboard set includes a flawlessly designed, solid wood cabinet and a tournament quality, perfect sized bristle dartboard.

    It has built-in dart holders for its steel-tipped darts included. Dry erase dual scoreboards with a blue background stand out in the stylish Cabinet. 


    The American Legend Charleston is one of the best cabinet manufacturers, and this dartboard set’s impeccable design is nothing short of their extraordinary craft.

    The solid premium ash wood with a veneer and decorative trim details unnoticed. This all-wood Cabinet features an official Pro sized bristle dartboard with a self-healing capability that keeps the Dartboard afresh after every dart-throwing session.

    The Dartboard has a rounded target frame ring, which can be rotated for long life. The blue dual scoreboards on either side look nothing like the ordinary black scoreboards on every other cabinet set.

    They look sophisticated and give a more official rather than a casual look. Accessories included are six high-quality steel darts, not the soft tip darts, for a quick game in your game room. Even in an office, this graceful dartboard cabinet set would blend in, look nothing short of extraordinary.

    This high-quality cabinet comes with easy mounting hardware for quick installation. 

    • Superior looking design.
    • Premium Accessories: Steel Darts, Bristle dartboard and rotating numbering.
    • Dual scoreboards


      This is the most graceful looking Cabinet set in the market. This American Legend Charleston dartboard set is the sweet package with no negative aspect whatsoever.

      It is excellent for both your pro-dart throwing friends and for those casual players too. The robust quality ash wood it is made gives it a longer lifespan than other dartboard sets.

      With all the obligatory accessories included, you can start throwing darts away. This not only protects your walls from erroneous throws but is also great for getting Pro at this.

      The mounting hardware makes it pretty easy for even a beginner to install this Cabinet in your game room.


      9 Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

      This exquisite piece by the Barrington Collection includes a cabinet set made of solid wood and a finished in an exquisite veneer.

      This dartboard set also includes a professional size dartboard. The perfect dimension of the Cabinet and the perfect sized Dartboard, premium looking high-quality steel-tipped darts and the dry erasable scoreboards on either side of the Cabinet, nothing short of excellence.Mounting hardware is also included in the set. 


      This Barrington collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet set is features a low profile cabinet made up of high-quality wood that has been given a luxurious looking veneer.

      The Cabinet is made with crown trim detail on top and both sides, looking like something that has been passed down many decades but still looks anew. The whole Cabinet has a plain and graceful black backdrop, running across from one scoreboard to the other.

      The Dartboard featured in this Barrington collection is a high-quality bristle dartboard with self-healing capabilities like no other. The set includes soft tip darts in its accessories.

      The colours of the Dartboard pop out and go in perfect contrast with the high-quality cabinet. The staple-free bulls-eye is another plus point of the Dartboard, which makes it hard to ignore, with less to no chances of your darts falling off after a throw.

      There are two scoreboards on either side of the door-less Cabinet that help keep track of scores of the games. Beneath these scoreboards are storage sleeves for each professional steel-tipped dart included.

      And to top it all, the three LED lights add a great spotlight to the Dartboard. The easy to mount hardware that comes along with this set makes it very easy to hang it on a wall within a few minutes. 

      • Classic Antique Design.
      • Spotlights
      • Dart holders.
      • Running Cabinet Scoreboards
      • LED lights could have been better.


      This is an all-rounder, all in one package by Barrington, a legendary company known for its high-quality wooden tables and accessories.

      This sweet-looking cabinet set is an excellent addition to your personal space at home, office or summer house. This handsome Cabinet by Barrington is one of the best dartboards and is hard to ignore due to the aura it adds to the wall it is hung upon.

      It is a hefty price-tag, but a promise of infinite dart throws with a class of its own. When hung up on a wall, this piece would awe every guest in awe of its unique colour and classic design. 



      Dartboard cabinets are a breath of fresh air for people afraid of damaging their walls playing darts. 

      The steel tips of the dart that come with sisal dart boards can damage the walls and leave marks that don’t look good either.

      As far as I feel, playing darts can be an addictive affair. People who often play with friends and acquaintances develop the habit of hopping over to the house of a dart player all too often. 

      And although there are electronic dartboard cabinet sets available in the market that appeal to a younger and fun-playing group of players, this review is geared towards people who prefer the original sisal dartboards and steel tip darts to play darts game. Electronic dartboards are another line of products and a league of their own.

      We have discussed the best electronic dartboards of 2022 in our article here. In this article, you’ll find our best electronic dartboard collection for 2022 that you can buy and have fun playing with all the techy stuff and plastic soft tip darts.

      That is precisely what led us to write this review. Dartboard cabinets not only provide the fun you’re looking for but also become a unique item in every game room while also saving your walls from damage from steel tip darts.

      The best Dartboard Cabinet set of all the above is the Barrington Collection Dartboard Cabinet set. Its design, its build quality, the Dartboard, nothing short of excellence.

      If you have ample cash to spend on a dartboard cabinet set to get better at your game, this is the dartboard cabinet set you’re looking for. 

      Look no further than the American Legend Charleston Solid wood dartboard cabinet set for those who want the best and want to spend less.

      It looks much like the Barrington collection dartboard set but doesn’t come with a price tag as steep as the Barrington. 

      These dartboard cabinet sets are perfect sized and come with an exquisite design of their own.