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What Is A Dartboard Made Of?
What Is A Dartboard Made Of?

What Is A Dartboard Made Of?

Being the person I am, I want to know what each and every thing that I use or come across is made of! And if you are anything close to me, and you own a dartboard, you are thinking, what is a Dartboard made of? There is no simple answer to this question, as there are a variety of dartboards out there in the market, each serving their purpose to the end user.

In this article, we will be going through the 4 main items dartboards are made of in the times we are living in, mainly cork, paper, and sisal fiber and of course the fancy ones, made of plastic.

How darts started out?

It is important to know where it all started, so you know the context of a lot of qualities and shapes of accessories of a dart game. 

Well, for darts, there were small knifes and spears, and not the original barrel shaped projectile darts that we see and use today.

Dartboards, however, started out with the pieces of wood and cross sections of tree trunks! Read our article How far do you stand from a dartboard where we have discussed a brief history of darts and how it all started!

With the leaps and bounds the game has made over the last century, the inspiration of the shape of the modern dartboard was taken from the archery board.

In the early 20th century, around the time of the great world war, many players had given up of the wood dartboard they used. This was due to the punctures this dartboard had to endure which played havoc on its surface and made it unplayable after a few ferocious games.

On a side note, dartboards don’t use any animal hair at all. So don’t worry, your dartboard was made by causing no harm to any animal.

Let’s start off with Cork

dart board cork

Cork is the material used in many low quality dartboards. Want to play a heavy game? Stay away from cork dartboards since they will wear out quite fast! On the flipside though, consider buying a cork dartboard if you are very new to the game and you want to get a taste of a dart game at your convenience. They can be bought cheap, and you can play a few games on it before it’s surface wears out. They will give you a taste of the game and make you understand the scoring and different games you can play on a dartboard in a tiny budget.

Paper dartboards

paper dartboards

Paper dartboards are manufactured widely across the world. To make a sturdy surface of the dartboard, many sheets of paper are bound together in the form of a pile and coiled tightly to give a strong surface in which a dart tip can pierce through. Since the material is paper only, you can consider the quality of the dartboard to be low. Also, since the only material to make it is paper, they are considerably low in price.

Paper dartboards, although not considered for professional competitions, are tough and sturdy on the surface because of their built. Imagine hundreds of sheets of paper coiled together and made into a thick layer.

Besides the fact that you will be left with not-good looking holes on the dartboard surface when you play, the paper dartboards are actually better at bounce out issue that comes with some materials.

Paper dartboards are again, only recommended for newbies looking to get a taste of the game. Get a firsthand experience of playing darts with this affordably price dartboard and then advance on to the better dartboards as you advance.

Sisal fibre

Sisal fibre dartboards

What is a good quality dartboard made of? Yeah you guessed that right! The face of a standard and good quality dartboard is made from a material called sisal fiber. 

It is also durable than many other materials, including wood, cork and paper.

This fiber is harvested from the leaves of the agave plant. These materials are commonly used in rope, brushes, and carpet. While sisal is not the most common material, it is the most durable material. But, unlike other materials, sisal is the most common type of material used for a dartboard.


A very notable advantage of using sisal fiber is that it doesn’t produce any unpleasant odors unlike its wooden peers.

The majority of modern dartboards are made of sisal hemp fibers, which come from the Agave Sisalana plant. This natural fiber is a great choice for a dartboard as it is highly dense. It also offers a good weight-to-size ratio. 

A good quality dartboard will have uniform sisal fibers that are sturdy. One of the main reasons the sisal fiber is used is because of its rough surface that will hold the dart’s tip and not let it bounce out. Its fiber has durability that will allow it to be hit multiple times and not be deformed.

Also, Sisal can be easily obtained because of its high availability in the market. Thousands and thousands of tons of sisal crops are harvested each year, making its supply cheap as well.

That being said, sisal dartboards are used for tournament plays and are considered the highest quality among the pro players of darts. 

How are sisal dartboards made? Well, after being extracted from the plant itself, the sisal fibers are then braided, then put together into bunches that are formed into tubes. These tubes are then cut thinly and rolled, and then inserted into the back frame of the dartboard.

Plastic dartboards: Let them fancy coming in!


plastic dartboards

Advancements in technology in the era that we live in has produced the electronic version of the dart game. That means, you aim and you throw the dart, and whatever you score is computed by a microchip processor and displayed on a digital scoreboard attached to your dartboard. Fancy times, really. No need to write and calculate manually.

But what are the mechanics of a digital and electronic dartboard? Electronic dartboards are made out of plastic, which makes them very durable and tough. That gives them a longer time span as well. Take a close look and you’ll see small holes in the surface of an electronic dartboard. These holes grip the dart and don’t let it slide off easily.

However, as with every upside there is a downside, the same applies to the electronic dartboards as well. Because of their sophisticated build, they can only be used with the soft tipped darts. Also, being more techy means they have a higher price tag attached to them as well. All in all, if you can let go of the sensation that comes with steel tipped darts, and can afford the high price tag, we would definitely recommend a good electronic dartboard to invest you money into. Some have the function in them to even call the player’s name whose turn it is to throw, and others can applaud you for an awesome round and throw.

Endless fun with a lot of durability!

Some final points to consider while purchasing

Okay, so now that you know all the different prevalent materials in the market up for grab, know that there are some features that you must not ignore if you want to improve your game with a dartboard.

  1. Get a dartboard with a low glare ink. High glare of the reds, greens and blacks in your dartboard can reduce your eye contact and focus.
  2. If you’re going after a sisal fiber dartboard, check its density and thickness. The higher the density, the lesser the chance are for the board to break down and vice versa. The more the thickness of the dartboard, the lesser the chance of bounce outs. 
  3. Wires and spiders are often the reason your dart hits the exact target. A good dartboard will have angled wires which will reduce the bounce off of the dart from the suface, and ensure your dart lands right where it is supposed to be.
  4. Go for a high quality dartboard if you’re looking to improve your game. A lot of times there are minute details that buyers overlook when trying to get the best deal of a dartboard available in the market, leading to a purchase that doesn’t help them play for the long term.


Final Words

A dartboard is a great way to add sophistication to any room. Even if it’s not the most expensive thing in the world, it’s still a great way to show off your dart collection. In addition to being beautiful, a dartboard is also a good investment. It will provide hours of fun, so make sure you buy the right one for your needs.

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