Which is better electronic or regular dart board
electronic or regular dart board different

Electronic Dart Board Vs. Regular Dart Board

Whether you play darts just for fun or you’re practicing for a match against the pros, it usually requires a well-functioning dartboard that comes without the hassles and makes your life easier when score calculation and accuracy is factored in. 

Advancements in dartboards have made the electronic dartboards a go to choice in regards to the score calculation and increase in the pace of play.

Fast life it is; a novice player is always looking for a dartboard that gives them automatic results, and faster, so that they know their performance there and then, without having to write it down and then doing calculations. 

There are pros out there who prefer traditional dartboards, which have a classic feel to them and because tournaments are played with the classic dartboard only. They also prefer it due to the reason that the steel darts used in the classic dartboard do not bounce off. This is in comparison to electronic dartboards with soft tips that do bounce sometimes, in spite of all the technological advancements.

Structure and wiring 

The difference between an electronic dart board and a regular one is in the wiring. The former is made up of multiple plastic segments layered over electronic sensors, which detect the movement of the dart and relay the score to a display. 

Software & score calculation

A main advantage of an electronic dart board is its software. Many electronic dart boards come with dozens of games that allow you to enter scores automatically, and they even come with special scoring software. 

Manual scoring requires you to manually enter scores for each game on a chalkboard or a dry erase board. While that gives you the true experience of throwing darts, it can get a little hectic for some new players. Also, the point calculation for some cricket games such as the 301 and 501 is a complex one, and you have to do it manually on a traditional dartboard.

, but with an electric dart board, the system will automatically register segments and calculate scores. It will also show you the balance of points and the overall score of the game.

There are different types of games built into the electronic dartboard, which makes it fun, when you get bored with one game. Just switch to another one, and keep levelling up your game and accuracy.

 Other differences in features of both

An electronic dart board can have a wide variety of features. These include multiple scoring zones and a high-quality backboard. This can make the game more fun, exciting, and interactive. A soft-tip dartboard is similar to a regular set-up, but with a slightly different look. The scoring wedges are larger and more visible on the soft-tip boards. A regular dartboard has a thermoplastic face with thousands of holes.

Need for a power outlet/Batteries

Unlike the regular type, an electronic dart board requires power and battery to operate. An electric dart board requires a nearby outlet in your game room. Besides being more convenient, an electronic version is safer than normal ones. 

Although prices vary, the features and quality of electronic boards are a lot more advanced than the traditional versions. In addition, the electronic boards generally feature a large number of dart games pre-loaded, which makes it easier to find the perfect one. 


Although it has all the basic features that make it advanced, keep in mind that an electronic dartboard you plan to buy should be of the highest quality.

Here is a list of the best electronic dartboards that we think you should consider buying, based on your budget, playing area and number of players.

An electronic dart board is more advanced due to the micro-chip built into it which replaces all the manual work off of you. It has a digital display, which makes it easy to read. It also uses softer tips, which are more likely to break (most companies will provide you some extra dart soft tips so you don’t run out of darts quickly) but are safer if you’re planning to play at home. 

Because it collects the score electronically and works through a computing chip, an electronic dart board is more accurate than a regular one. If you want to have a good time and competition playing the game, an electronic dartboard should be your choice.

So, which one should you choose?

There are many other benefits of an electronic dart board. Unlike regular boards, it displays the score of each player automatically. It is also more convenient to use than the regular dartboards. Most electronic dart boards are compatible with steel tip. 

Despite the differences, both types are a great choice for your needs.

An electronic one has a more advanced LCD display, while a regular one does not. An electronic dart board is ideal for casual players, while a regular one is best for serious players. We feel that the regular ones give the feel of a regulation tournament environment.

 Electronic dartboards can help improve your game in a number of ways.  They will give you more options and make it more enjoyable to play.

The biggest benefit of an electronic dart board is its size. While the regular one is more compact and convenient, an electronic one has a wider playing area. A digital one with the LCD display for more or less up to 8 players, on the other hand, is more suitable for games where multiple players can compete.

This board allows players to play more than one game at a time, so it can easily become a great tool for competitive gaming. While electronic dart boards are more expensive, they offer a more diverse range of games you can keep on playing without much boredom.

An electronic dart board is better for casual games. Usually, an electronic dart board is easier to read the score for afar, and maintain.

Space needed for both

The advantage of an electronic-based unit is that it can save space. There are electronic dartboards that come with the cabinets and storage areas in the lids, which help you keep your darts and other accessories organized at all times, and so that there is less chance of them being lost. 

For a regular dartboard of regulation size, most models come with just the board. The back board for wall protection needs to be separately installed.


The main reason we prefer the electronic dartboard over the regular one, is the pace of play and entertainment they provide with it. Since you’re not stopping every time just to note your score, it is easy to play many more games than you would play with a classic dartboard. 

If you’re really looking to get the true experience of throwing darts though, we prefer you use the regular dart board though.

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